Helping Students ‘Go Global’ with Language Learning

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We’re passionate about language learning here at Atlas Translations, and we’re always looking for great ways to share our passion with our local communities. So, when the opportunity came to lend our expertise as part of an exciting languages program with local Hertfordshire secondary schools, we were more than happy to help!

A Different Take on Spanish Class

We volunteered to be part of the brilliant ‘Glastonbury Goes Global’ challenge, where Year 9 students were tasked with creating their own music festival in a French or Spanish-speaking country of their choice. As part of the program, students were encouraged to create posters advertising their event and present the idea to their peers.

Students were able to have a mock interview with a ‘celebrity’ in their chosen language to develop ideas about the festival – which is where we were happy to step in. We think our marketing manager Charlie gave Colombian superstar Shakira quite the run for her money!

Figuring Out the Festival

Plenty of the skills which we use everyday in our translation work were on show during the challenge, which saw over 150 students from all over Hertfordshire take part. Tasks such as designing a poster for the event encouraged students to think about practical solutions for effective communication in different languages. 

They were also able to ‘buy’ materials for the event in a mock-up shop, which was a brilliant way of building confidence in language skills. The program was run by Business Language Champions, an organisation set up to create language opportunities for secondary school students through partnerships with local businesses. 

Real-world Relevance

Taking part and lending a hand with the session was fantastic fun for us and a great way to encourage language learning in local schools. Programs like this one help show students the real-life benefits of languages by taking it outside of the classroom and getting everyone engaged with learning. 

There are plenty of other ways to get involved with language learning with us. If you or someone you know is a student interested in a career in languages, feel free to get in touch with us today to find out more about the work experience days and weeks we offer for secondary school students!

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