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Here at Atlas we are aware that reading and writing can be very difficult for the blind and partially sighted. A large number of people with impaired vision can read large print but only very slowly. Reading a whole page can therefore be time consuming and exhausting. Some people prefer to listen to audio cassettes or ask sighted people to read to them. We take pride in being able to assist these people and make their daily lives easier. We can offer a reading on to tape/CD service, which can be of benefit to Councils, DSS and other organisations working with this community.


A small number of blind and partially sighted people use tactile systems such as Braille or Moon. Braille consists of raised dots which can be read with the forefinger. Each combination of dots represents a different letter or number. All kinds of materials can be put into Braille, however pictures, diagrams etc. can be more difficult to render in Braille.


A very small number of older people use Moon as a tactile alternative to Braille. Moon is easy to learn and the letters are easier to feel because they consist of lines and curves rather than dots.

Large Print

Providing large print format for the visually impaired involves a lot more than just increasing font size. Apart from adjusting a text’s layout, colours and fonts also need to be taken into consideration, so that the text is easier to track visually.

Reading on to tape/CD/MP3

Audio recordings are generally produced on cassette tape since blind or visually impaired people often rely upon cassette-based publications and are thus likely to have access to audio cassette players. We are also able to produce recordings on CD or as MP3 format, which can be played on home equipment or on computers. CDs and multimedia file formats are likely to become increasingly popular as audio tape technology is phased out.

All prices are subject to complexity of the document. Complex text includes non-text items such as tables, graphs, mathematical formulae, diagrams and pictures. All documents need to be seen before the price is confirmed. We can offer all of the above services – just let us know the number of pages required or send us the pages for a quotation.


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