Client Stories | Bow Wow Meow – Translation of Amazon listings to French, German, Italian and Spanish

Amazon Translations, London, St Albans. Clare Suttie, Atlas

CLIENTS: Bow Wow Meow
SECTOR: Pet Care
WORK: Translation and ongoing language support

“Atlas Translations has been key to the success of this project, providing accurate translations, fast turnaround, and excellent customer service,” the company says. “With Atlas’s help we have been able to successfully communicate to a new customer base within a very reasonable time frame.”

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Going for export and needing language Amazon translations

Bow Wow Meow, a company specialising in pet products and grooming, had built a successful business in the UK and Ireland. They wanted to go further and were keen to start selling their products in Europe as well. To achieve that, Bow Wow Meow needed to get their product descriptions translated into a number of languages. This was so that Amazon could list them in the relevant countries. Here at Atlas Translations, we were able to provide accurate and attractive Amazon translations in French, German, Italian and Spanish. This enabled Bow Wow Meow to start selling via Amazon without any language barriers getting in the way.

Translations for Amazon – in 4 European languages

In order to reach a wider market it was essential for Bow Wow Meow to list their products on Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer. By translating the descriptions professionally into four languages, Atlas Translations enabled the company to expand the size of their potential market more than four-fold. But it doesn’t stop there.

Ongoing language support to handle enquiries needing translation

Here at Atlas Translations, we provide ongoing support. We enabled Bow Wow Meow to communicate efficiently, effectively and seamlessly with their customers regardless of which country they come from or which language they use.


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