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How Atlas Translations took part in the London Olympics

This client needs no introduction – it’s the BBC. The Institute of Translation and Interpreting recommended us to The Written Word, a BBC Olympic Project that looked to honour the spirit of the 2012 Games. The BBC was looking for members of the UK public originating from all 205 countries that participated in the games to read a poem and give an interview.

Each contributor was asked to tell the audience something about their country that they wanted the rest of the world to know, something they loved or missed and so on.

After the BBC had found contributors from some of the more common nationalities they hit a brick wall and turned to us for help.  Atlas was asked to find speakers, sometimes of a particular gender, who originated from 93 countries – Bahrain to Zambia (alphabetically speaking). Deadlines were tight and the project tested our resources and powers of persuasion, but we managed it.

Atlas’s network gives access to hundreds of nationalities

This project was a little out of the ordinary for us because it required us to tap into the thousands of people that we know as a business; but not to provide translations or act as interpreters. Although it was an unusual project, we were more than happy to oblige.

The finished article was a masterpiece and sections of it were broadcast every day leading up to and during the 2012 London Olympics and Paralympic Games.

Some comments from our clients at the BBC – during the language and translation project:

  • You’re getting an amazing response. Many, many thanx
  • Dear Clare you have been such a help. Can’t thank you enough …
  • It is quite a challenge, but I don’t think we’d be making our deadlines without your assistance. Thank you
  • Was in London yesterday and did Taiwan and Benin both from you – so thank you very much.
  • Thank you also for the contact for Seychelles.
  • Thank you too for Azerbaijan … And for Djibouti.
  • I’ve got my quota now … THANKS TO YOU.

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