Joanne and Eduardo

SECTOR: Legal Translations
BRIEF:  Translation and notarisation of legal documents required for wedding

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A heart-warming tale of Joanne and Eduardo and our certified translation services

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This is one of Atlas’s most romantic translations ever; worthy of a Hollywood movie.

Joanne was set to marry her fiancé, Eduardo, on a Saturday in Bolivia. Joanne came to our office to have the official documents she needed for the wedding to go ahead translated into Latin American Spanish so they could be notarised: all very straight-forward and easy. No problemo for our Project Manager, Francesca.

However, the Bolivian Embassy had other ideas. This legal translation was not going to be as simple as we had assumed and soon turned into a real test for our team.  Time was running short and the Bolivian Embassy was asking Joanne to have yet more documents translated and notarised. There were several trips to and from the embassy; Francesca and the team worked at top speed that Friday, the eve of Joanne and Eduardo’s wedding day, making frantic dashes to the public notary. There was no way we were going to let this couple down: the possibility never crossed our minds.

We prioritised the job and made sure that Joanne and Eduardo were free to marry the next day in a beautiful ceremony thousands of miles away in Bolivia. Soon afterwards we were thrilled to receive wonderful wedding photos and felt that we had really contributed to their happy day by managing to field every curveball that came Joanne’s  – and Francesca’s – way.

We pride ourselves on delivering every legal translation and notarisation – no matter how big or how small. Some agencies do not take on this kind of work, preferring to concentrate on more substantial assignments. But we feel that in many ways this was one of our biggest achievements with the customer satisfaction immeasurable.

Joanne told us that: “There were continued adventures with solicitors and visas right up to 9pm the night before the wedding – but we eventually got there!  It really is quite a story from start to finish…. we spent the entire week before the wedding in the British embassy, the solicitors’ offices and various Bolivian government offices… and even now Eduardo has to go back to Bolivia again to apply for a different visa… it really has been incredible.

But, we are married and very happy – thanks to you! I’d love to be able to say thank you by letting you share our story – you were amazing beyond words and I’m very happy to shout about that.

We have their wedding photograph on our pin-board to remind us of this couple’s magical day – and to remind us that every job, whether for a multinational company or a couple planning their future together, deserves the same commitment and dedication. Certified translation services, romantic translations or not!

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