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official document translation Business translation services Christa How localisation can help a dance company! Rolling out an established brand in new countries needs careful planning, and cultural & localisation advice. Do you need to communicate your brand values authentically in other languages for local Amazon sites? Let us translate your brand in any language Icelandic translation Turkish translation

How business translation services and localisation can help a dance company expanding globally.

Rolling out an established brand in new countries needs careful planning, so Popdance’s founder and chief leg warmer- wearer Sue Wybrow contacted Atlas for some cultural and localisation advice.

Popdance teach adults, teens, children and tots, fun dance routines to pop music from the 80s, 90s, 00s and current tracks. A chance to let your hair down, get active, and have some fun.

The original brand has expanded to include Popdance Fit,  Popdance Kids, and Popdance Parties, among others. And it looks like they’ll be going worldwide.

When I first contacted Atlas Translations, I thought we’d just translate the whole website into all the languages needed. Atlas recommended that we look carefully to see exactly which pages we needed, and to bear in mind that we may want to re-write it a bit so that it is more “local” – what Atlas calls localisation – so that the reader in Hong Kong or whichever country sees text that is meaningful for them.
– Sue

This means we’ll only translate small, key sections from the English website, and this will not only to keep costs down, but also to keep control of it and updates more easily.

Atlas also recommended doing a bit of research too about the cultures with children in these countries. Do they have the same kids party culture? Do they do after school clubs? Do they have hen parties, Brownies, beavers, scouts….

We were delighted to help Sue with her plans for Popdance world domination!

These are some of the things we will consider when localising any texts:

  • Spelling, eg. American/Australian English versus UK English.
  • Meaningful cultural references; what works well in the UK may need a different reference for another country.
  • Colloquialisms and idioms, which may have different translations in other languages.
  • Cultural and social differences of individual countries that use the same language, eg. European versus Latin American Spanish.
  • Units of measurement, weight, currency, and date formats will be converted to those used in the country involved.
  • Pictorial representations, icons, symbols and colours that may have different connotations in your target country.
  • Relevant photos–  any market likes to see photos of people like them.

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