SECTOR: IT, transport and engineering
BRIEF: Multilingual Translation of specialist tender documents


Is your company looking to win contracts in international markets? With our experienced commercial translators, you can be sure of delivering true and accurate tenders responses whatever the language. Contact us now on 01727 812 725, email or use the Live Chat option to find out more right now.

International commercial tenders require specialist translations

Companies competing for business in international markets frequently need specialist translations to prepare contracts and tender documentation – as a growing exporter, SISCOG turned to Atlas Translations for this vital commercial support.

SISCOG produces software that manages the complex process of running train services in countries all over the world; it optimizes timetables and plans staffing needs and rolling stock movements to ensure the services run smoothly and the travelling public have a good experience.

The company is tendering for business in numerous foreign markets as part of its global expansion, which means it needs complex commercial documents and contracts translated into many languages. This is where Atlas Translations came on board – we translated tender applications from other languages into English for SISCOG to work on internally.  Once they had drafted their response, we translated the documents back into the language of the target market.

Tight timetables to translate tenders and contracts

Commercial tender processes run to demanding deadlines so it was vital that SISCOG could have confidence in our ability to deliver in full and on time, every time.

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Besides the quality, Atlas acknowledge a new work request very efficiently and are quick and professional in committing to a delivery deadline…. We are under tight deadlines and we know we can rely on Atlas for our demanding and rigid deadlines. Keep up the good work!