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BRIEF: Translation into Japanese


Is your company looking to sell to customers whose main language may not be the same as yours? With our experienced commercial translators, you can be sure of delivering true and accurate translations of your product details whatever the language. Contact us now on 01727 812 725, email or use the Live Chat option to find out more right now.

Simple translation project boosts tourist sales threefold

Independent wine merchant Vinotopia, based in the beautiful Cotswolds area of England, became a destination for coachloads of Japanese tourists after developing an international profile through its website. But while Vinotopia’s staff and their Japanese visitors shared a love of wine, they did not share a common language. This made the whole shopping experience tricky for everyone.

Atlas Translations translated Vinotopia’s information leaflet helping the Japanese visitors to understand the range of wines – giving them much greater confidence to spend time in the shop and browse. As a direct result, the tourists’average spend went up threefold and they had a much more pleasurable shopping experience.

The translations cost just £70 + VAT. Clearly this paid for itself almost immediately.  Maybe a small investment could reap similar rewards for your retail outlet? Give us a call on 01727 812 725, use the Live Chat button to start a conversation with a real person in our office, or send us an email Or request a call-back

Small investment in translation makes customers feel welcome

The team at Vinotopia are passionate about wine and take pride in sharing their specialist knowledge with customers and helping them understand what they are buying.

It’s been a pleasure to see our visitors’ faces light up when they see the Japanese information leaflets…and we look forward to rolling this out to add labelling and other information in Japanese.

Manager Alan Webb