Carolina Alves

Carolina Alves initially joined Atlas Translations in June 2017 as a work placement & stayed on as project manager. Meticulous and conscientious.

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Carolina Alves | Project Manager

Carolina Alves is originally from Portugal, she is no longer the youngest of the bunch but is still the quietest.

She initially joined us in June 2017 as a work placement for the summer. Despite missing the real summer in Portugal, she ended up gaining a job as project manager, which only means she’ll miss the next summer as well. Or any chance of feeling warm again for the next year really.

Carolina graduated in European Studies and is studying Translation. Languages have always been her passion and to live abroad her dream. What she misses the most about home is the sun, the food and, of course, her family.

Despite England’s grey weather (“Tuppaware Sky” as Bill Bryson describes it), cooler temps and generous rain, Carolina is always smiling. We literally have never seen her fed up. She has on occasion translated emoji – informally within the office – explaining to the 40-somethings what different emojis mean, to much surprise and embarrassment.

Carolina thinks she’s going back to Portugal, but we have other ideas… She’s covering for maternity leave and has done an amazing job, the future is bright for Carolina.

Carolina features in our first promotional video which you can watch here:

She’s the Portuguese one. Obviously.