Christa Boren

Atlas Translations Christa Boren is our sales and liaison specialist here at Atlas Translations, adept at all forms of external relationship building and maintenance.

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Christa Boren | Sales Administrator – The American One

Christa Boren was our sales and liaison specialist here at Atlas Translations. Fabulous at all forms of external relationship building and maintenance. Maybe you met her at an exhibition or networking event. Some of the events Atlas attend are listed here:

Christa was an international relationship expert for some time. She studied at the American University School of International Service in Washington, DC. Lived in Spain and Mexico for two years. And then completed a Masters in International Education. Previous roles include Assistant Director of the International Office at the University of Baltimore. She worked to improve the global mobility of staff, faculty and students. Big job.


Christa moved to the UK in 2011 and is now practically a local. She makes the best coconut cake known to man. And woman.

Christa is fantastic at remembering people and working out connections and suggestions. She loves meeting people, chatting and finding out about local businesses. But she won’t stalk you or hassle you with emails. And she was the American one in our office.


As the American one, Christa had strong views on the importance of our Americanisation service ( We had many a heated debate over words she couldn’t pronounce in English. As well as words that led to all sorts of confusion. We all speak English? Not exactly! If you’re dealing with the US, it is worth establishing whether your audience would prefer British or American terminology. Although many US terms may be understood by a British person and vice versa, others may cause confusion. Never a good thing in a business relationship.

Gotten away

We were sad to wave goodbye to Christa in July 2019 when she went off to spend more time with her family  at

Gone but not forgotten!