Francesca Bianchi

Atlas Translations Francesca Bianchi is a trusted team member – first as a Sales Administrator & then as a Project Manager.  She has her own blog series, Fran Meets World.

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Francesca Bianchi | Project Manager

Francesca Bianchi started studying English at the age of seven in her home city of Rome, and later completed language courses in Brighton and London. She moved to the UK, spent some time in the ‘Big City’, but when Fran had exhausted London of its shops, clubs, bars, theatres and restaurants she decided to go on a European driving holiday, caravanning to Ibiza. After six months soaking up the sights and the language, Francesca swapped the Ibiza lifestyle for a more sedate life in St Albans.

From 2014 to the end of 2018, she was a trusted member of our team – first as a Sales Administrator and more recently as a Project Manager.  Francesca is also the author of our blog series, Fran Meets World.  You can read more via our blog. Fran and her dog Ruben frequently feature on Facebook and Instagram on their early morning walks in St Albans.

Fran produced what some may consider her finest achievement so far, a baby, in 2018 and decided not to return to work for a while. We miss her Italianisms in the office but she does pop in regularly to check up on us, and to bring biscuits of course. And the baby. He’s lovely!