Jim Hearn

Jim Hearn

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Jim Hearn | Operations Manager

Jim Hearn joined Atlas in early 2012 as a project manager, and is now its Operations Manager. He has thoroughly enjoyed his time at Atlas so far, and takes great pleasure in providing accurate and efficient translation solutions. With a background in hospitality, Jim strives to apply the same friendly, bespoke service as he did when working on the wrong side of a bar.

Although unqualified in a foreign language, he does possess some ability in French and is currently learning Italian. From working in the translation industry Jim has gained a great level of respect and admiration for linguists, and a new-found desire to develop his own budding language skills. As one of two male members of staff at Atlas Translations, Jim endeavours to mind his manners, remember to put the seat down and keep football talk to a minimum.

During the pandemic Jim worked just as hard from his home, where he also manages his two small children, and Tommy (the office dog).

In 2021, Jim and family made a big move to live in Bath, where he looks forward to joining the business community there.

Jim is our design expert, and can solve many an InDesign query. Calm and organised, he’s excellent at managing projects large and small, whilst also keeping the office team running smoothly. Every company needs a Jim and we are very lucky to have him!


Jim works with Tommy the Dog. You can find Jim on LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hearnjim/

We haven’t set up a profile for Tommy. Yet.

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