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Call us on 01727 812 725 to let us know what you need and we can let you know straightaway if we can help. Send us an email to . We respond quickly to all email enquiries. Or use the little icons here on the website for live chat (it really is one of us) or to request a call back within 27 seconds.

Established in 1991, Atlas has an excellent reputation within the language, communication and translation industry.We want the best for our customers and are proud to hold both BS ISO 9001:2015 for quality management and BS EN 17100 for translation services. We are also members of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting and the Society for Editors and Proofreaders. These bodies not only define codes of
practice but also monitor the performance and competence of members. Atlas regularly monitors its own
performance too; and we make improvements whenever and wherever we can or need to! Our people also invest time and expertise in promoting the translation profession with talks, exhibitions and training courses.

We only work with suppliers with proven expertise in their field whether that is translation, interpreting or editorial work. Each client has a dedicated project manager who makes sure that your project runs smoothly, to time and with the end result you want. With Atlas you get quality, commitment and friendly service
which means:
• A clear pricing structure
• The ability to meet tight deadlines
• Dedicated project management
• Proven and personal product and service
All underpinned with trust, confidentiality and reliability.


Translation Interpreting
Each of our translators specialises in a particular area, whether it is law, medicine, software, marketing, finance or advertising.
Your project manager will choose a translator for you who has both the relevant language skills and expertise in your subject area. Our translators are trained to raise queries about ambiguities that need clarification.
And they flag anything in the text that could be culturally sensitive.

Design and Typesetting
We work hard to provide you with final output where translation, typeface and design are congruent, fluent and speaking to your audience as a cohesive unit. We handle all European languages plus Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Farsi, Gujarati, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Punjabi, Thai and Urdu, and many more.
Our experts work in a variety of formats, including Quark and InDesign and will send you the completed artwork in an appropriate file format − such as EPS, hi-res PDF or tiff − or print-ready.

Atlas provides the following interpreting services:
• Informal, ad hoc, liaison, community interpreting
• Consecutive and whispered interpreting
• Simultaneous/booth interpreting
• British Sign Language (BSL) and Sign Supported English (SSE) interpreting
• 24-hour telephone interpreting
• Interpreting equipment hire
• Legal and court interpreting

We routinely transcribe technical material including medical conference speeches and financial seminars as well as interviews and verbal questionnaires

Market research / brand checking
Checking that your brand, design and marketing messages will work in other cultures is a vital step in taking your product or service to new markets. Our experienced research staff are bilingual with some speaking three or four languages.

Editorial services
When you want help to adapt, enhance or sharpen up your content for a new market or for an existing one, give us a call. Our writers and proofreaders are specialists in specific areas, such as medicine, law or computing. We take care to match your project with someone who has appropriate and relevant knowledge and skills.

Services for the blind and partially-sighted
We work with Braille, Moon, large print, as well as reading onto CD and cassette tape so partially sighted people can listen rather than read.

Services for the deaf and hard of hearing
Whatever the setting − hospitals, schools, theatres, business meetings, weddings, interviews, social services, courts and legal meetings − or the documentation − our fully qualified communicators and interpreters
are there to support you.

Website translation andlocalisation
First impressions are important. Your website or marketing material is often the first contact you have with a potential client. This is more than just translating the text on your site into another language. It’s taking care that the language is appropriate for this new audience that the spelling is adapted to the locale and that cultural references are appropriate and meaningful.

Located throughout the world, our voiceover artists work in a variety of languages, dialects and accents. They are ready to present your audio and video content to  new audiences worldwide. Often we can help with other aspects of recording too such as transcribing the original master, translating the script, inserting time codes, lip-synching, dubbing, organising studios and supplying technicians and producers. Let us know
what you need and we’ll do our best to help.


We can provide notarised, certified and apostilled translations for official purposes.
Would you like to get into translation, interpreting or voiceover work? Add
another string to your bow, or break into this industry? Now is the chance to hone your skills on one of our acclaimed training courses.
Our trainers are the best in the business. They have practical, real-life experience in the areas in which they train, bringing a wealth of practical knowledge to the courses they run.

Courses include:
• SDL Trados Studio – Getting Started
• SDL Trados Studio – Advanced
• Memo Q for Everyone
• Which CAT tool? A CAT tools overview
• Working as a Project Manager for a translation company
• Effective proofreading for translators
• Atlas Translations CV Clinic
• Voiceover: Beginners and Advanced
• Telephone interpreting
• Interpreting in a health setting
We have been using Atlas consistently since 2005. I can be confident that Atlas will deliver exactly what I need. Their turnaround on quotes and completed work is amazing. Their flexibility and understanding coupled with friendly customer service has meant that I know I can always rely on a good job being done -efficiently.

Future Agricultures
Research/Agriculture sector – Background
Future Agricultures Consortium is a multidisciplinary and independent learning alliance
of academic researchers and practitioners involved in African agriculture. Their aim is
to encourage dialogue and the sharing of good practice by policy makers and opinion
formers in Africa on the role of agriculture in broad based growth.
Service provided by Atlas Translations
Future Agricultures Consortium chose Atlas Translations to translate important policy
briefs into French. Employing a team of native French translators with both expert
knowledge of policy writing and experience of the agricultural and rural development
sectors, Atlas Translations was able to ensure that its English to French translations met
its client’s exact requirements. A proofreading stage was carried out to guarantee flawless
final translations.
Atlas provided another high-quality French translation of one of our policy briefs.
They responded quickly to our needs and delivered a document that we were
confident to send straight through to printing and distribution. We’re happy to include
Atlas as one of our trusted partners.
NHS Confederation
Health/Public sector – Background
The NHS Confederation is the independent membership body for the full range of
organisations that make up the modern NHS. They have over 95 per cent of NHS
organisations in their membership and support the NHS to deliver high-quality services
and improve the nation’s health and well-being.
The NHS Confederation works to inform and influence the development of healthcare
policy to help ensure that new and existing initiatives lead to real improvements in the
system and genuine advancements in patient care. It ensures that its members’ voices
are heard at key stages of policy development and implementation.
Service provided by Atlas Translations
Atlas Translations was put in charge of translating, proofreading and typesetting
emergency phrasebooks into 41 languages, including Amharic, Farsi, Vietnamese, Urdu
and Welsh.
Using only linguistic experts with sound knowledge of the subject area, Atlas was able
to deliver high-quality, accurate translations. We provided an efficient and cost-effective
service from start to finish – from initial translation to the finished, typeset document.
Atlas provided us with a high-quality, professional, courteous and competitively
priced service, with a minimum of fuss. I was pleased with their communications and
would not hesitate to use them again in the future.
The Landmark Trust
Charity sector/Architecture/Buildings – Background
The Landmark Trust is a building preservation charity, founded in 1965 by the late Sir
John Smith and Lady Smith. It was established to rescue historic and architecturally
interesting buildings and their surroundings from neglect and, when restored, to give
them new life by letting them as places to experience for holidays.
Its aim is to promote enjoyment of historic buildings by enabling as many people as
possible to experience living in them for a short time. The letting income generated from
holiday bookings then pays for the future maintenance of the buildings. As a charity,
Landmark relies on voluntary sources of income to rescue more buildings.
Service provided by Atlas Translations
The Landmark Trust appointed Atlas Translations to translate its history albums into
several Western European languages. Employing a team of native French, German,
Italian and Dutch translators, Atlas Translations provided clear and elegant translations
which were 100% in tune with Landmark’s style and tone of voice. [So impressive was
the final result that Atlas was chosen to supply all future translations for the Trust.
Would you pass on to the translator of the history album my admiration for their
clear and elegant translation, which was even delivered a day before the deadline?
We spend a great deal of time on Landmark’s style and tone of writing and it seems
to me (half way through checking it back against the original document) that the
translator has done really well in matching it. It’s a pleasure to read.
I just wanted to thank you for your excellent services; both in terms of speed and
accuracy. It is a pleasure to get a reliable service for the money paid nowadays
and I just wanted to express my gratitude.
I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for all of your hard work with
the recent translations, most notably the Business Plan Update and update
for the Government of Guinea but also for your general positive approach,
responsiveness to requests (quotations) and timeliness of delivery.
The translator did an impeccable job. The translation notes were not only helpful
but showed a tremendous dedication to the task and an outstanding professional
all around. A very special thank you to ATLAS.
Atlas have been translating (policy documents) for us into several languages since
2004. They are friendly and efficient and have always provided accurate and costeffective
translations well within the agreed deadlines.
I was particularly impressed with the speed in which you turned the work around
and the quality of the work was excellent. Many thanks. It was a pleasure working
with you.