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ISO certified translation – Quality control and quality assurance could surely not be more crucial than in the translation industry. Handing over work to be completed in another language requires more than a leap of faith – it requires trust. You need to know the results will be the best quality, representing you, your brand and your products faithfully and accurately.

To build trust you need to know you can contact us any time for a chat, advice and a detailed quotation. Call us on 01727 812 725 to let us know what you need and we can help. Send us an email to team@atlas-translations.co.uk . We respond quickly to all enquiries. Or use the little icons here on the website for live chat (it really is one of us) or to request a call back within 27 seconds.

Atlas Translations Ltd has been providing a wide range of professional, bespoke language services to clients since 1991 and has an excellent reputation in the language industry. We are proud to hold up-to-date certification for two standards at the heart of Atlas’ uncompromising dedication to quality: the BS EN ISO 9001:2015 for quality management and the ISO 17100:2015 for translation services. Just ask if you’d like to see our latest certification documents (zero non conformities in external audit May 2018 and again in June 2019 and February 2021).

We are  audited annually to ensure that these standards are maintained. We are active members of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting, and the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading. Atlas’ focus is on people. Our in-house staff, our clients and our freelancers. Talking, communicating, and understanding each other, in our experience, are key to yielding the best results. Atlas realises that language services should not be founded on a ‘one size fits all’ strategy, and therefore each project is tailored according to the client and their specific requirements concerning subject matter, type of document, tone and style, and deadline. Deadlines are understood and immovable. In line with our strict quality procedures, we only work with suppliers demonstrating proven expertise in their field, whether that is translation, interpreting or editorial work. Each client has a dedicated project manager to make sure your project runs smoothly, to time and with the end result you want.

Atlas Translations is proud to be one of the first companies in the UK to achieve the BSEN 15038:2006 translation standard (later updated to 17100:2015), and this ensures that we use only the most suitably qualified and experienced translators for each job. Every translator has a proven track record demonstrating relevant experience in their field, and they will only be instructed to translate into their mother tongue to ensure complete accuracy. All translations will be proofread by a second fully qualified native speaker who will be responsible for comparing the translation with the original text, primarily ensuring there are no grammatical errors, but also putting forward suggestions in terms of stylistic improvements where necessary. Any queries are resolved and translations are then quality checked in-house by a project manager (where possible, a native speaker of the target language of the translation). A final version of the translation is then sent to the client. We are more than happy to provide sample pieces beforehand so that you can select the supplier you feel best fulfils your requirements. Any reference materials you are able to provide are also welcome, and aid us to provide translations that are stylistically consistent.

A lead project manager will be assigned to your account. They will receive ongoing support from other project managers, who will be able to stand in for the lead project manager in the case of any absence. You will therefore know exactly who to contact to request translations, and you will deal with the same person throughout the project, from start to finish. Because of the excellent relationships we have with our suppliers, your project manager will quickly be able to select those who are familiar with the needs and requirements of your projects. Holding the details of over 4,000 approved suppliers, our customised database allows us to quickly and efficiently choose the best translator for each job. Bear in mind that we have to date received over 10,000 completed applications, but have rejected more than half of those as they do not meet our strict requirements.

Having translators based all over the world also grants us more flexibility and means we can adapt to meet deadlines set from different locations and time zones. Atlas Translations Ltd would select a team of translators in advance of projects, and with pre-planning would let them know to expect upcoming work, ensuring deadlines are adhered to. Using the same team of translators and proofreaders for all of your projects makes sure that your brand is presented exactly as you want it, using consistent terminology and style. This makes for a more streamlined process by having people who know your brand working on your materials.

We have recently starting using TrustPilot and you can see our reviews to date here: https://www.trustpilot.com/evaluate/www.atlas-translations.co.uk

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Want to know more? Call us on 01727 812 725 to let us know what you need and we can help. Send us an email to team@atlas-translations.co.uk . We respond quickly to all enquiries. Or use the little icons here on the website for live chat (it really is one of us) or to request a call back within 27 seconds.