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Translation Agency Tips for Linguists

Click here to download the Atlas Top Tips for Linguists.

We hope you enjoy our Atlas Top Tips for Linguists.  Our 50 tips, compiled from our blog archives address the following:

1. How is your CV these days?
2. Applying to work with a client – the best approach.
3. What qualifications and experience will you need?
4. Qualified but no experience?
5. An agency has asked me to lower my rate.
6. You’ve been approved by an agency – where is the work?
7. You’ve been offered a translation job by the client.
8. Translating in Word format.
9. Researching & dealing with queries.
10. Translating in Excel.
11. Do you offer other services your client should know about?
12. Computer-assisted translation (CAT) Tools.
13. What software programs should a freelance translator be proficient in?
14. You’ve been offered your first interpreting assignment. What should you
do next?
15. Translating PDFs.
16. Tips for working from home.
17. Marketing yourself as a freelancer & how to stand out.
18. What professional organisations should I join?
19. Going to be away? Don’t forget to tell your clients, and send us a
20. Professional indemnity insurance – should you have it?
21. Tips for proofreading a translation.
22. Working onsite – things to consider.
23. Maintaining a good relationship with agencies
24. Translating in PowerPoint.
25. Formatting translations.
26. Active networking.
27. Ongoing continuous professional development.
28. You’ve been offered a transcription assignment, what should you do
29. How to be a really popular interpreter with your clients.
30. Marketing translations.
31. IT Problems.
32. When things get too technical…
33. My translation is going to be late. What’s the best way to deal with
34. How to make the most of reference material.
35. Communicating with clients.
36. Tips for editing/amending.
37. Keeping in touch with your clients.
38. Credit control.
39. Professional safety & identity theft.
40. Handling feedback on your translation.
41. Maintaining a social media profile.
42. Translating subtitles.
43. Working with international translations and clients.
44. How can I trust my client/agency?
45. Splitting a translation project.
46. Backing up your work.
47. Perfect invoicing tips.
48. Translation myths debunked.
49. You’ve delivered your translation. Now what?
50. Remaining professional at all times.

If you’re looking for advice on translating, you could also pay a visit to our friends at the Institute of Translation and Interpreting at