Accountancy, Banking, Finance and Insurance

All work is classed as confidential, and for extra peace of mind we can sign personalised confidentiality agreements and NDAs.


Here at Atlas Translations, we have been providing all industries with translations of all sizes in countless languages for more than 25 years. We remove any concerns regarding translating sector-specific terminology and technical language. All our translations are done by highly qualified and experienced native speaking translators. We select experts with the necessary knowledge and background to ensure your documents are translated and presented in the right way. From the tone of voice used, to the correct terminology.

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Financial translations – this is a broad and specialist area, and our translators and linguists tend to focus on niche areas, specialising in taxation, or contracts for instance. We regularly work with:

  • Annual reports and letters
  • Contracts
  • Insurance documentation
  • Investment products – literature and terms
  • Tax paperwork
  • International banking correspondence
  • Pension materials
  • Leasing agreements
  • Underwriting documentation
  • Liquidation papers