Education, Training and Online Courses

Education translations, training and online courses – all your translation and language requirements covered.


We regularly work in the field of education and training, whether that’s public sector or private sector – covering such a wide variety of tasks. From translating online training courses for a mobile phone company, to interpreting at a hairdressing academy, we can help. Business schools, universities, institutes, colleges, educational publishers, training hospitals and academies – we can help you reach your audience.

Note that a discount is offered to any non-profit-making organisation. Contact us now for prices and information using the Live Chat (a real person) here on the site, or drop us an email to, or call us 01727 812 725. We’ll be happy to give you details and advice with no obligation.

Of course you need to be confident that your written and spoken material is accurate in any languages you work in. We have been doing this for 25 years so that you don’t have to.

Atlas Translations support clients with:

  • University, college, school and course brochures
  • Prospectuses
  • Course and text books
  • Online courses
  • Video learning
  • Proofreading
  • Layout and typesetting
  • Websites
  • Leaflets, certificates and other marketing materials.

Have a look at our clients’ stories to see how the process works.

We also translate educational certificates, diplomas and CVs for those needing certified translations of these documents to be allowed to work in the UK or abroad.

Atlas Translations has extensive experience in education translations. We’ve worked across the board on training materials for large and small corporations and educational facilities.

You need to know that your translation will be looked after by experts. We take care of every aspect, from a clear and itemised quotation, through to delivery in the format you need.

We can tell you about our professional translators, our fabulous staff, our translation prices, the 340+ languages we do, the sectors we work in, and our ISO certification.

All our translators are experienced, qualified linguists and they come highly recommended, but that isn’t enough: we always select a translator who is expert in the specific field. Once the linguist has translated the text into the required language, they return their draft to Atlas. We then ask another linguist, equally qualified and experienced in translation in the same field, to proofread the first translator’s work. Our proofreader may make suggestions or identify areas for improvement. The text may need tweaking. It may be perfect. Of course, it’s always better to have a second pair of eyes to assess it.

Once we have the final draft at Atlas, we perform an in-house quality check to ensure the text translation and typesetting meet our high standards before sending the final version to the client.

Any language?

Yes, we have it covered. From American English through to Zulu translation, we have worked on more than 340 languages since 1991. Even Latin and Ancient Greek.

What about subject area?

We pick the perfect translator for your work. Each translator is a native speaker and we select according to their expertise in educational texts, bearing in mind the subject area, and so on.

How do I trust Atlas Translations?

Atlas Translations are a certified translation agency, fully certified to BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 17100:2015 standard for translation services. If it’s confidential, we can sign NDAs for extra peace of mind.

Atlas Translations are here to support you. Whether you are an individual, a SME or a multinational, we can help. Additionally, we offer brand checks, voiceover, transcription, typesetting and layout services, proofreading, and even printing.