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We only work with fully experienced and specialist translators who will work to produce just the right tone and meaning for your texts and marketing translations.

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Marketing, PR, Transcreation and Advertising. Atlas are experts in localising texts for overseas markets and offer a full range of transcreation services. So as well as providing translation services for your text, taking into account local nuances and cultural references and considerations, we can also help with proofreading and layout.

Be it for the UK, another English-speaking country or a non-English speaking overseas market, we can help you write effective advertising and marketing copy. You may need websites, press releases, posters, brochures, newspaper ads etc. written, adapted and typeset into any language. For lots more information and advice, contact us today – use the Chat box now (a real person), email or call us on 01727 812 725

Whether you’re launching a beer brand in 15 new markets, handling PR for a musical currently on-stage in 28 countries or dealing with a bank’s international banking materials for internal and external use, Atlas can help with your marketing translations. Reach the right audience and avoid costly mistakes by ensuring your message is on brand and correct for your target market.

Have a quick peep at our video here to see how our translation services helped this company

To give you some examples, we regularly work with:

  • Press releases
  • Marketing translations and advertising copy
  • Technical and non-technical brochures
  • Market research questionnaires
  • Written adverts and packaging
  • Slogans and strap-lines
  • Company communications
  • In-house newsletters and magazines

Often the technicality of marketing texts is underestimated. We understand that the language used in your original text is deliberate and precise. We therefore work with experienced experts who will replicate the desired feel and tone of texts in their native language.

And it’s not “just” about translation services. Ask us about any of these other services as well:

MARKET RESEARCH & COMPETITOR ANALYSIS – Provide us with a questionnaire and we’ll put it to a selection of our 6,000+ suppliers based in your target markets.

GOOGLE RESEARCH ANALYSIS – We can perform online searches in your specified markets and language(s), to gather information and provide a summary report in English of our findings.

BRAND CHECKING – Make sure your company branding is appropriate for the market you are exploring.

COMPANY STRAPLINE – Does your strapline make sense and work as intended in another language? Could it cause offence? Take our advice on translation or transcreating alternative suggestions to match your target market.

24/7 TELEPHONE INTERPRETING – Connect to an interpreter almost instantly, with our 24/7 telephone interpreting service. We can also provide face to face interpreters for meetings and events.

AMERICANISATION – Adapt your copy for the American market taking into account the difference in style, terminology and vocabulary of the text. Any tables, figures, numbers, names, abbreviations, punctuation, conversions etc. will also be verified.

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