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We offer a full range of healthcare translation services, which means that we also offer back or reverse translations? A back translation involves taking a document translated into another language and translating it back into the original language. The purpose of this is to compare the documents and ensure accuracy and quality control.

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The back translation should always be carried out by an independent translator, who has not seen the original source document.

Source document > Translation by translator 1 > Back Translation by translator 2> Review/Comparison > Discussion > Amends as needed

Language isn’t an exact science, and a back translation will never be 100% exactly the same as your original text but it can help to identify ambiguities or errors.

Back translations are usually literal – to give the exact meaning of the translation. As a result, back translations are likely to read rather unnaturally.

Once you have your back translation, you can compare with the source text and look for any problems. These can be listed and raised with the translators to make any necessary changes to the actual translation.

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Why do I need a back translation?

Not many clients will need back translations – typically pharmaceutical, clinical research, medical and associated companies. A back translation may be required to meet requirements of regulatory bodies.

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We hereby want to thank you for the outstanding medical translation. Please accept, and pass on, my sincere thanks for turning this job around so quickly. After some slight amendment (late client amends), the leaflet is on press as we speak and will be delivered to the client this evening for him to take on his flight tomorrow. I should mention that the translations have all been really good. We operate in many regions worldwide and have nationals from Spain, Italy, France, and Germany working in our offices. We usually get them to look over the appropriate language before sending things out – I’ve received comments back from most of the regions so far saying that the translations have been very accurate and well done.