James Martin

Manager, St Albans

James Martin

James Martin has made sure that his language skills (in Russian and French) are being put to good use with the work we do here at Atlas and enjoys chatting to our translators and clients about their respective languages and projects. He hasn’t let his studies fall by the wayside either and is currently learning some German. He generally takes an interest in the grammar of foreign languages. This sounds a lot better when he talks about it…

During the pandemic James worked solidly! We did force him to take a few days off but he is quite dedicated.


With a passion for travelling, James has lived in Poitiers (home to the famous? Futuroscope theme park) where he taught English. He also lived in St. Petersburg. There he walked the same streets as the protagonist of Dostoevsky’s most famous novel, “Crime and Punishment.”

Tea drinker

We were thrilled to welcome James into the fold. We are relieved that he too can drink an endless amount of tea. Almost a challenge to Clare. Who can drink the most? Teacups at dawn – (always Clare). Despite his Oxbridge education, the coffee machine baffles him. When it’s his turn to make cuppas, it’s fun to ask for a filter coffee. Just to watch the colour drain from his face and the fear take hold.


Like Jim, James has an exceptional taste in music, so when he’s ‘on the decks’ (has the speaker plugged in to his computer) the tunes are always ace. 80’s rock!! His hobbies include window-shopping and trips to the barber. Hobbies…? Sorry, I meant phobias.

James Bond

Able to turn his hand to just about anything, James took a starring role in one of our promotional videos which you can see here.

Look out, James Bond.

James (Martin, not Bond) is also a nifty blog contributor and you can read many of them in the Atlas Blog. Like this one about the Russian language and Russian translation.

Find him on LinkedIn here.

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Thank you for your kindness, help, and prompt efficient service.

Jean Zambrana (feedback for Charlie)

Just wanted to say that it was a pleasure to work with you and hopefully we will liaise again in the future. Top man!

Mirela Watson (feedback for Jim)

Clare’s review of my CV was incredibly helpful, thorough, and added a lot of value to it. She also gave a good look at my LinkedIn profile and website, pointing out their strengths and weaknesses, from the point of view of an experienced professional who runs a successful LSP. And she did all that while raising funds for the Fairlynch Museum! I am very grateful for Clare’s comments and a huge admirer of the work she does helping translators and her community. Thank you, Clare!

Claudia Torres (feedback for Clare – CV Clinic)

I highly recommend Atlas translations. James turned around a complicated set of legal translations quickly and professionally. Excellent service at a reasonable cost.

Chloe Dawes (James)

I highly recommend Atlas Translations. They helped me out with the translation of tax documents. They provide a quick and reliable service. And I would 100 % use them again next time I need a document translated. Special thanks to Stefania who has been of great help.

Chiara (feedback for Steffi)