Business cards

A translated business card is a gesture of courtesy.


Having the appropriate information translated into the host language is an effective way of making a statement – that the giver of the card has made an effort to show respect for the language and culture of the host country.

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Generally, the individual’s title, position, and the names of the city and country are translated. This can vary according to country and culture. Usually the full address is not translated as this information may be used by the postal service.

It is not usual to translate text in logos, telephone/fax numbers or e-mail addresses. Uncommon abbreviated qualifications should be deleted, as they may not be understood.

Often, the foreign version is printed on the reverse of an English business card.

We can also arrange printing; please contact us for more details. We will need to know the type of card to use (weight, colour), colours to be used on the card (ideally including any Pantone numbers), how you can supply your company logo and how many cards you require.

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