Translation and service information sheets for clients

Atlas is a translation agency that’s been around since 1991. We know a fair bit about the business, but we understand it can be daunting if you suddenly need to produce something in 26 languages you don’t speak! It’s hard to condense everything into one sheet, but we’ve tried. Whether you are planning a translation […]

Atlas Brochure

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Quality control and quality assurance

Handing over work to be completed in another language requires more than a leap of faith – it requires trust. You need to know the results will be the best quality, representing you, your brand and your products faithfully and accurately. Atlas Translations Ltd has been providing a wide range of professional, bespoke language services […]

Project Management at a translation agency

Back in 1991 we had files and files of application forms and CVs, but as the company grew we realised we needed a searchable database to enable us to quickly choose the best person for each job. We looked at many options, but nothing available off the shelf did exactly what we wanted. So we […]


LIST OF LANGUAGES WE WORK WITH AT ATLAS TRANSLATIONS As a translations agency, you’d expect us to work with a lot of translators and interpreters. Since 1991, we have reference-checked and approved more than 4000 linguists based across the globe, proficient in more than 340 languages and dialects. They are professionally qualified, many are DBS (formerly […]