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Making the effort to communicate with your international clients or employees in their mother tongue can go a long way to securing solid working relationships.

Our certified translation services have helped thousands of clients expand their customer base, improve internal communications, and contribute to world-leading research.

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From translation services and desktop publishing of technical documents into 25+ languages to one-off certified translation services for individuals, our award-winning translation agency has you covered.

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Which languages do you work in?

We work in over 300 languages, from Haitian Creole to Zulu, so the likelihood is we’ll be able to help you! The languages from which our translation agency translates most frequently include (but are not restricted to) French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Representing a business? Check out our price grid per language. If you’re an individual looking for legalised, notarised or certified translation services, take a look at our translation packages.

Do your linguists have sector-specific experience?

When a linguist applies to work with our translation agency, we make sure to identify their specialist areas. This means we’re able to make sure every project is assigned to a highly qualified and experienced translator who understands the need for subject-specific content – we would never, for example, place a medical translation with someone whose background is predominantly in the marketing sector, and vice versa.

Our linguists only ever work into their native tongue, meaning they recognise the cultural and linguistic quirks that help set apart top-tier certified translation services from the rest.

What are proofreading services and why do I need them?

Have you ever asked a colleague or friend to proofread an important piece of text for you before sending it off? For the same reason, we always recommend our proofreading services for any translated material that is destined for publication. This collaborative (rather than corrective) process between two native and qualified linguists gives you the extra assurance that your multilingual content is a true and accurate translation of the original text.

It is important to note that translations which are not proofread do not conform to the ISO 17100 standard. For more information, head to our blog: ‘Why and when are proofreading services necessary?

Will I receive a true and accurate certified translation?

Yes! Upon delivery of your certified translation, we will confirm the following in writing:

  • that it’s a ‘true and accurate translation of the original document’
  • the date of the certified translation
  • the full name and contact details of our translation company

UK certified translations must be provided by a UK-based translation agency that is a member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI) and/or the Association of Translation Companies (ATC). Not only do we have membership with these two organisations, but we are also multi award-winning with both!

How long will it take?

The time it takes to translate a text depends on many details, and it’s always best estimated based on the project and its peculiarities. Some of the main factors to consider are:

  1. Length of the document
  2. Language combination
  3. Subject matter and text complexity
  4. Formatting
  5. Level of certification
  6. Additional services

As a general rule, our translation agency estimates that translators can translate an average of 2,000 words per 1 business day. However, keep in mind that this is just a rough guide, as the final turnaround will be affected by all the factors mentioned above. For more information, head to our blog: ‘How long will the translation take?

How much will it cost?

We calculate our rates according to the number of words in the source text, the language pairing, and the subject matter. This means you know exactly how much your translation will cost before any work begins. All rates quoted by our translation agency are calculated per 1000 source words.

If you’d like to get a quick estimate of the cost of your translation, visit our price calculator. Our minimum charge applies to documents of around one page, depending on the word count.

Representing a business? Check out our price grid per language. If you’re an individual looking for legalised, notarised or certified translation services, take a look at our translation packages.

How do I send the files? And what happens next?

services. If you require a legalised (apostilled) translation then we do require the original hard copy. You can either send this to us in the post, or drop us an email to arrange a face-to-face appointment in our translation agency HQ office in St Albans.

For a summary of the whole process – from your quote request to our delivery – click here.

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