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Do you need our certified translation services? Translation, and then proofreading translations is something we do all day, every day! Proofreading is the task of comparing a translation with the original text; ensuring there are no spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, misunderstandings, omissions or ambiguities. A proofreader will also consider the style and vocabulary of the translation, and may make constructive suggestions to improve the syntax and clarity of the text. S/he will verify tables, figures, numbers, names, abbreviations, spacing, punctuation, metric conversions etc.

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It is worth remembering that we can offer ISO certified translation services – and part of that service must include proofreading.

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If you have a translation is for internal use only, you may decide that a proofreading stage is not essential. We do very strongly recommend proofreading for all material destined for publication, just as you would expect with any material produced in English.

Proofreading translations is usually charged per 1000 words, according to the language and subject matter involved. Assuming the text has been written or translated by a suitably qualified professional, we recommend that you allow one hour of proofreading per 1000 words of text. However, if it is a longer text, the proofreader will gain familiarity with the project and is able to work faster.

Our proofreading is completed by independent native speakers, who are specialists in particular subject areas. Upon completion of the proofreading stage, we discuss any comments made by the proofreader with the original translator and incorporate amendments as necessary.

We will proofread any text. We often proofread original documents such as company brochures and reference CD-ROMs in English and other languages. Media we work on includes abstracts, books, calendars/diaries, catalogues, CD ROMs, conference materials, corporate publications, databases, dictionaries, directories, yearbooks, distance-leaning materials, educational materials, encyclopaedias, exhibition catalogues, e-zines, hotel guides, language course materials, leaflets, magazines, manuals, maps and atlases, menus, newsletters, newspapers, online materials, phrasebooks, posters, press releases, theatre programmes, prospectuses, company reports, slide presentations, league tables, dissertations, training materials, travel guides, websites.

If any reference material, previous translations, or a glossary of terms is available to help with the consistency of style and vocabulary, this is always appreciated by our proofreaders.

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Note that we can help with official translations (such as birth certificates) with a full certified translation service offering notarisation and apostilles as necessary.