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Offering full business translation services, we can help when you need help with editorial services to adapt, enhance or sharpen up your content for a new market or for an existing one. Give Atlas a call.

Our writers and proofreaders are specialists in specific areas, such as medicine, law, marketing or IT. We take care to match your editorial services project with someone who has appropriate and relevant knowledge and skills.

We can work on your English text, or on any professional translation to polish it to perfection.


Don’t let avoidable mistakes ruin your content. Writing is one thing; achieving the standards of a professional publication is another.

Our expert editors can fine-tune your text to make it clear, free-flowing and completely free of mistakes − in English, or any other language.


If your text needs a major overhaul, our professional writers can revise it from start to finish, improving its structure, narrative flow and tone of voice − in any language. Our rewriters are all experienced authors in their native languages, with proven editorial skills. You can count on them to write accurately and sensitively.

Condensing and summarising

We can shorten (abridge) your text to achieve a particular target length, using features such as Track Changes to show you where we’ve made our cuts.

We can also write abstracts or executive summaries that give readers a general overview of a long document, either before “or instead of”, reading the entire text.

Americanisation, Australianisation and Anglicisation

American English, Australian English and UK English have many important differences in terms of spelling, punctuation, usage and style. If you want your text to seem natural and authentic to readers, it needs to be written in the style they’re used to.

We can adapt your English text for American, Australian or UK markets, including elements such as tables, figures, names, abbreviations, units of measurement and so on. We can even offer specialists in particular areas such as education or politics, ensuring your text is adapted with total accuracy.


We can write punchy, vivid text for adverts and marketing materials that works across a range of languages, so you can promote your products or services in markets around the world.

Many of our copywriters are specialists in particular sectors or industries, so they’re already up to speed with the language and conventions your readers expect.

Fact-checking, research and validation

Are you sure every word in your text is true? If not, take advantage of our fact-checking and research services for peace of mind before you publish. We will validate any kind of content, as well as checking bibliographic references and glossary definitions.

Indexing and glossary creation

For longer documents, indexes are an invaluable way for readers to find the information they want quickly and easily, while glossaries help them get a grip on specialised terms.

We can compile comprehensive, consistent indexes and glossaries that add value and authority to your content.

Our expert indexers each specialise in a different area, so they understand the relationships between topics and can build an index that helps readers get to the heart of your content.

Plain English

Plain English uses simple, familiar words and phrases to make absolutely sure everyone can understand your text the first time they read it.

We can turn your existing content into Plain English, rephrasing unfamiliar terms and simplifying structure so that the meaning is 100% clear to readers of all backgrounds.

Easy Read

Easy Read uses a combination of plain language, large print, picture and audio support to make documents available to a wider audience. We offer Easy Read in English and any other language.

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