Voiceover & Studio Work

Supporting your video production and audio content needs

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As part of our suite of professional translation services, we offer voice-over & studio Work.  Atlas Translations can support your video content and audio production needs; from a simple voice-over through to an entire studio session with technicians and a production team.

Any language, any location, any medium. If you are looking for a language service to assist with any aspect of your project’s translation, interpretation or vocal needs, to ensure that your audience gets your vision, believes your story, hears your message, then contact Atlas Translations today on 01727 812 725 or email us at team@atlas-translations.co.uk.

We supply:

  • Voice-over artists based across the globe.
  • Recording studios in various locations.
  • The perfect voice, language, dialect or accent for your needs.
  • Help with transcribing, script translation, subtitle review, lip-synching, dubbing, time code insertion and more
  • Our full range of professional translation services

From a TV feature to a corporate video, training material to a video game, a radio or television commercial, a documentary, trailer or announcement audio. These are but a few of the many projects we have helped our clients to bring to life.

We do have a reputation for sourcing even the most unusual languages. Try us…

We have recently starting using TrustPilot and you can see our reviews to date here: https://www.trustpilot.com/evaluate/www.atlas-translations.co.uk

Our team are here to bring the perfect voice to your vision.

You cam read more about our ISO accreditation and Quality Assurance here: https://www.atlas-translations.co.uk/quality-accreditation-membership/

Call us on 01727 812 725 to let us know what you need and we can help. Send us an email to team@atlas-translations.co.uk . We respond quickly to all enquiries. Or use the little icons here on the website for live chat (it really is one of us) or to request a call back within 27 seconds.