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Posted on25 July 2022

Our Translators: Qualified, experienced specialists

Our translators: qualified, experienced specialists

Ever wondered about the people behind your translation? As you may imagine, working in over three hundred languages requires a network of brilliant translators hailing from across the globe. 

Building our network involves a rigorous application process that ensures all our translators meet the high standards our clients expect from us. Here’s a bit more on what this process looks like and what it might mean for you.

Quality Comes First

When we receive an application to work as one of our freelance translators, we require at least one of these three essentials; a recognised qualification in advanced translation studies with at least two years’ experience, an equivalent qualification with three years’ experience, or five years of documented professional translating experience.

This list of must-haves help us to ensure that our applicant pool meets the high standards our clients expect of their work with Atlas Translations. We also ask our applicants for three professional referees as part of the process. Our requirements mean we meet the standards needed to achieve ISO certification for both quality and translation.

Our Translators are Specialists in Their Field

Our application process isn’t the only thing we do to make sure our translators produce the best work possible. All of our translators work only in their native tongue, meaning they recognise the cultural and linguistic quirks that help set a top-tier translation apart from the rest.

We also work with our translators to identify their specialist areas – this means we’re able to make sure every project is assigned to a highly qualified and experienced translator who understands the need for subject-specific content. 

Working with Us

If you’re a translation professional interested in working with Atlas Translations, there are plenty of fantastic reasons for you to join us. We have a great relationship with our suppliers and pay invoices promptly – you’ll be in touch with our friendly and experienced team here at Atlas HQ.

Chatting to some of our translators and interpreters on our Supplier Open Day about how they got into the industry

We also host annual supplier open days, where you can come along to have a chat with us and learn more about the translation industry. You can also connect with us via our social media channels, where we post our Top Tips for linguists, promote new opportunities, and much more.

If you’re in need of translation services or a translator interested in finding out more about opportunities with Atlas, get in touch with us today. You can give us a call on 01727 812725, drop us an email at or send a message through our website.