Fran Meets World

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Fran Meets World | Halloween

I was born in the month of Halloween. I’m not sure if this says something about me but when I was little, I really wanted to have powers like Samantha in Bewitched and her daughter Tabitha, so every night I would wiggle my nose to switch off the light without having to get up (pure […]

Fran Meets World | Carnival

This month in London sees the Notting Hill Carnival roll into town. It is a vibrant celebration featuring many different cultures, and very different from the Italian carnivals I was exposed to when I was younger.     The first major difference is with the fashion. This carnival costume (see picture below) must be one […]

Fran Meets World | Lá Fhéile Pádraig

Over the weekend people around the world celebrated St Patrick’s Day!   I must admit I didn’t know much about St Patrick before writing this blog. The only thing I thought I knew, was that he was an Irish saint and that the 17th March was when his life was celebrated in Ireland and other […]

Fran Meets World | April Fool’s Day

With April Fool’s just around the corner, we thought we’d take a look back at a blog written by Francesca back in 2016, looking at various customs, and how they differ in other countries. Please note that the Atlas office will be closed on Friday 30th March and Monday 2nd April for the Easter break. […]

Fran Meets World | Euro 2016

I wanted to write a blog about Euro 2016 before it started but being Italian and superstitious I decided to wait until it was over for us, although I do wish that it hadn’t finished so abruptly for us. It is still very painful and I feel emotional just thinking how we left. All because one […]

Fran Meets World | Cheese Rolling

I love cheese but don’t like running so I even though don’t think I will ever join in with the cheese rolling competition in Gloucestershire, it is one of those crazy traditions that we need to keep going and support! It has been going on since the 1500s, and despite numerous injuries in 500 years, […]

Fran Meets World | St George's Day

Tomorrow is the day we celebrate St George – the patron saint of English. St George was a Roman soldier who became a Christian. When the authorities found out, George refused to renounce his Christianity and thus the Romans did what they did best and killed him. They were pretty quick in killing people that didn’t honour the gods […]

Fran Meets World | Leap Year

When they told me that a leap year wedding could end disastrously, I didn’t really believe it, and didn’t think twice before deciding to get married in February, on a leap year.   On our wedding day it rained – but you would expect that in the winter, even in Rome! The ceremony went well […]

Fran Meets World | Pancake Day

As with every other year, I thought I’d get organised for Pancake Day this year. I thought I’d have all the ingredients and make delicious pancakes that look even better than they taste – my Instagram reputation is very important to me!   But as with every other year, Pancake Day arrived without a pancake […]

Fran Meets World | January Blues

January feels like a never-ending Monday. I always feel so blue after all the Christmas shenanigans (many of which I find it hard to recollect for some reason) and there isn’t a bank holiday in sight!   Apparently in January back in 1930, Mickey Mouse first appeared in the newspaper. Talk about a depressing January […]