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January feels like a never-ending Monday. I always feel so blue after all the Christmas shenanigans (many of which I find it hard to recollect for some reason) and there isn’t a bank holiday in sight!


Apparently in January back in 1930, Mickey Mouse first appeared in the newspaper. Talk about a depressing January – I never liked that know-it-all Mouse. I am much more of a Donald Duck kind of girl. He is more random and much more fun. Also I find ducks much cuter than mice, except dormice. I love them! I used to think that they were named so because they were often found behind doors but have recently found out that their name comes from the French ‘Dormir’, as they sleep through winter. I suppose Mother Nature decided to spare these little lovely creatures from the doom and gloom of January and winter all together!


If I could sleep through January like the dormouse it would be wonderful. We are generally bombarded with ideas of detoxes, going sober and not going out. Do we really need to depress ourselves even more? If I was asleep through the winter I wouldn’t eat so I would lose weight without any struggle. This would be ideal as I love sleeping, and hate dieting – I love food too much.


There’ll be even more doom and gloom for me this January, as my partner and almost all of my friends are going snowboarding, and for the first time in seven years I am not going with them. It is amazing they still let me on the slopes, as I didn’t really start on the right foot literally. When I was seven years old I went on my first skiing holiday to the Italian Alps. After two weeks of Ski school I had the dreaded slalom race you must undertake to get your diploma. On my way down the slopes I could feel my feet were really in pain. I arrived last and realised I had put my ski boots on the wrong feet…the shame! My very gorgeous instructor said I shouldn’t worry as it happens all the time, but in all my years of skiing (and now snowboarding) I have never heard of it happening to anyone else.


So really I am lucky not to go this year. I won’t have the stress of making sure my foot is in the right boot! Every January cloud has a silver lining!


Happy New Year to everyone!



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