Translation & Interpreter Services

Technical translation Translation company Clare Round-the-clock interpreting in 3 languages.Can we help you with any interpreting? Whether you need one interpreter or 25, phone or in person, call Atlas. Product launch, game localisation and much more!  Linkee launching in Norway, featured in Dragons’ Den, Tris, Dean and Ben were a delight to work with. Polish translation

How do I get my birth certificate translated?

How do I get my birth certificate translated? This is a question we are regularly asked! Birth certificate translations and certified translations, we can help, today. Not just a business translation service, but also a certified translation service – birth certificate translation and official document translation from a fabulous translation company! Looking for a fast, […]

9 Tips to getting the most out of your interpreter

These 9 tips to getting the most out of your interpreter will help you to plan and get the best results before and during the assignment. Establish rules with the interpreter 1 – Establish and agree ground rules. For example, communicate how you want a meeting run, the number of sentences to be translated at […]

Translation into Gujarati

Gujarati is the language spoken in the state of Gujarat in western India. Around 50 million people speak Gujarati, making it the eighth largest language in India in terms of native speakers. There is also a small Gujarati population found across the globe, in countries such as the UK, the USA and East Africa. The […]

How to get even more out of your career: become a voiceover artist!

Are you working as a freelancer within the translation industry and you’d like to expand your range of competencies? Do you think that using your voice as a business tool would bring more satisfaction to your professional career? Voiceover could be the answer you are looking for!   All you need to do is to […]

Goodbye to Work Placement Gabriella

  Last week we said goodbye to the lovely work placement Gabriella, who had been with Atlas since February. Here’s what she had to say for herself:   “After finishing my MA in Translation, Interpreting and Subtitling,  I was not sure about which career to embark upon. Therefore, in order to get a first-hand experience […]

ITI Conference 2015

It was with great pleasure that I took part in the ITI Conference 2015 last week in Newcastle. It was actually my first time and it was definitely worth it!  I had the opportunity to meet lovely people who all work within the translation industry, some of them as suppliers, some others are running their […]

Words used in English, picked up from the Irish Language

St Patrick’s Day may have been and gone for another year, but the impact of the Irish language on English endures.   Take a look at this list of 10 words that Livemocha have put together, to see some examples of how the English language has borrowed from Irish. Bog – an area of wet, spongy ground; a […]

How to brief a translation company and the best process to follow!

  Firstly, ensure your source document to be translated is the absolutely, definitely final version! Making amends, deletions and additions during the translation process can be confusing and may incur extra costs for additional time and rewrites.   Look at the document to be translated, and see if it is appropriate to the intended market. […]

No such thing as a free lunch? Well, there is with Atlas Translations!

  At Atlas, we like our suppliers and we like lunch. So in December we’re combining the two and holding a lunch for our suppliers. All are welcome – whether you already work with us, or would like to work with us, if you’d just like to meet us and have a chat. All you […]

The importance of professional translations

  We often get asked ‘Why not just use Google Translate?’ or ‘What is the importance using a qualified, professional translator when Bob in the office speaks Italian?’   These are interesting questions, Google Translate and Bob do have a part to play if you want to know what a document or email is about […]