Technical translation Translation company Clare Round-the-clock interpreting in 3 languages.Can we help you with any interpreting? Whether you need one interpreter or 25, phone or in person, call Atlas. Product launch, game localisation and much more!  Linkee launching in Norway, featured in Dragons’ Den, Tris, Dean and Ben were a delight to work with. Polish translation

IgnITIon – the ITI bulletin for people starting out

IgnITIon – what’s that? Well, read on to find out. As an established translation agency (since 1991!) we have always had lots of enquiries from: Students Teachers People wanting a career change Translators and interpreters starting out We refer translators and interpreters at any point in their career to the Institute of Translation and Interpreting […]

Old translation scam back in town! Beware and stay safe online

  A few translators and companies have been in touch to tell us about being contacted for a job which seems too good to be true – and turns out to be exactly that!   It’s a scam Atlas remembers from the 1990s, when someone claiming to be royalty from the Far East would contact […]

Atlas Translations – Supplier Lunch 2015

  So we picked the hottest day of the year, or possibly EVER in the UK for our supplier lunch 2015. We were surprised and delighted to discover that very few people changed their plans and we had a large turnout, including translators and interpreters from Belfast in Northern Ireland (even though her plane was […]

Supplier Lunch 2015

  We are a friendly bunch here at Atlas, we like our suppliers and we like food. So in July once again, we’re combining the two and holding a supplier lunch 2015 for our suppliers, partners, colleagues… Who could resist the opportunity of meeting all of us?     All are welcome – whether you […]

ITI Conference 2015

It was with great pleasure that I took part in the ITI Conference 2015 last week in Newcastle. It was actually my first time and it was definitely worth it!  I had the opportunity to meet lovely people who all work within the translation industry, some of them as suppliers, some others are running their […]

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

  What is CPD?   CPD involves participating in additional learning activities to keep skills up to date and/or to widen your knowledge in certain subjects. These activities could be anything from a formal qualification to immersing yourself in a language by visiting a particular country.   Here at Atlas Translations we encourage all suppliers […]

Considering a work placement with Atlas Translations?

Have you ever wondered what working as a work placement at Atlas looks like? Well, look no further, because this blog post is for you! When you think of work placement schemes, do you think of endless photocopying and making coffee (or rather tea, since we’re in the UK here) all day long? Well, this certainly […]

News from Atlas!

What’s happening at Atlas? We’ve had a very busy 2014 so far, and had always planned to streamline our administration processes this year. You probably don’t want ALL the details, but our supplier database didn’t speak to our accounts software and we had to do a lot of duplication and data entry.  Working with a […]

Tour de France

Here at Atlas we’re quite excited about the Tour de France starting in Yorkshire. By ‘eck, here are some handy Yorkshire French translations for you!   Clare