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Have you ever wondered what working as a work placement at Atlas looks like? Well, look no further, because this blog post is for you!

When you think of work placement schemes, do you think of endless photocopying and making coffee (or rather tea, since we’re in the UK here) all day long? Well, this certainly is not true for Atlas Translations. Although these tasks do occur, they are shared between all the staff (the frequency of the latter depends on how much you like tea or coffee). I have been with Atlas Translations since the end of July and still have another month to go but it feels like only a few weeks since I arrived, eager to get some first-hand experience in project management in the translation industry.

There is never a dull moment in the office and time really does just fly. From dealing with general enquiries and providing quotes either on the phone or by email, to doing everyday work like checking translations, creating invoices or sending off purchase orders to the Atlas suppliers, to trying to place urgent last minute or unusual requests by private clients, there is always plenty to do in the office. Since Atlas Translations is an SME, work placements have a great opportunity to really get involved with the everyday business of a translation agency and gain a detailed look behind the scenes of project management.

Whenever you have a question or need help with a task, experienced staff members (some of them started out at Atlas Translations as work placements themselves, so they really know what those first couple of weeks when everything is new feel like) are there to explain everything to you and help you in whichever way they can.

Whether you are interested in working as a translator one day or would like to go into project management, I highly recommend spending some time as a work placement with Atlas Translations. You can find out more about the work placement scheme or read what other work placements had to say about their time with Atlas here.



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    I always tried to work for Atlas Translations BUT I was always asked endless questions which in the end discouraged me to do business with you.

    1. admin

      Thanks for your comment Charles. We completely understand when fully qualified and professional translators become frustrated with our rigorous application process, but it is necessary for us to maintain such thorough procedures to ensure that those who do apply and become approved suppliers with us, are of the standard required by our quality assurance certifications and expected by our clients.

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