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What’s happening at Atlas?

We’ve had a very busy 2014 so far, and had always planned to streamline our administration processes this year. You probably don’t want ALL the details, but our supplier database didn’t speak to our accounts software and we had to do a lot of duplication and data entry.  Working with a local IT guru who has the patience of a saint, we’ve finally got new accounts software and we are linking everything up. It’s really going to help us speed up the admin parts of our work.


But what does this mean for you?

We hope that you will only notice small changes, to your benefit as well as ours.  Suppliers will still be selected in the same way, by our Project Managers. Your PO may look a bit different but will contain all the same information. The job numbering may look different. When you send work back to us, you can log into your record and submit your invoice automatically with a few clicks. As it will match our PO, this will be authorised without our current manual checks, and you may notice that we pay you more promptly.  You may need to bear with us when we iron out the unavoidable glitches of any new system.


If you do one thing, make it this

Please log in to your record and ensure that we have your correct rate – so when we do send you a purchase order it’s correct too. To log in to your record go to the Atlas website and select the Work for Us section at the bottom of the page. Choose to log in as an existing supplier. Your user name is the email address you used to register. If you can’t remember your password, you can set up a new one. If you have any problems accessing your record, please let us know. We cannot make changes to your record for you, so we rely on you to keep your information up to date.


Happy summer!

Summer is often one of our busy times, especially August. Remember that you can log in to your record any time to enter holiday dates so we won’t call and disturb you as you’re exploring Pompeii or floating in the Med.  And feel free to contact us if you are working and available.

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