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pancake dayAs with every other year, I thought I’d get organised for Pancake Day this year. I thought I’d have all the ingredients and make delicious pancakes that look even better than they taste – my Instagram reputation is very important to me!


But as with every other year, Pancake Day arrived without a pancake ingredient in my house and to be honest, I’m still not entirely clear on the ingredients anyway… Maybe next year will be the year, or maybe I just need to accept that I am just a prisoner to my procrastination. Or actually perhaps I am just a rebel and don’t fancy eating pancakes on a day I am told to. So I think I blame my Catholic upbringing, and the years spent at nun schools where I felt my freedom was restricted. Maybe I am been overly dramatic here, but the nuns were really strict! I didn’t feel my inner teenager self could express herself well. On the other hand, the nuns felt that I needed to follow the rules and stop hiding in the toilets when I had a lesson I wasn’t prepared for, and to start behaving responsibly. But I always thought that my decision to join the lessons only when I was ready to was pretty mature!


Basically I am blaming the nuns for my failure of buying ingredients for pancakes, which I think is very reasonable!


This Pancake Day wasn’t too good for Atlas either. Of course, in St Albans we always compete in the annual Pancake Race and unfortunately this year we didn’t get the Pan Trophy. I overheard people in the crowd commenting that some of our team were “galloping” instead of walking. I don’t think humans can gallop anyway!


Although we were not victorious, it was as fun as every other year and there was a really good turnout. No pancakes were harmed in the making of the race!


I will work on my procrastination for the next 12 months, stop blaming the darling nuns and try, just try, to make one pancake next year, whenever next year’s Pancake Day is…


I am still none the wiser when Easter falls – maybe I should have listened to the nuns a bit more, and hidden less in the loos!


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