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St George's Day

Tomorrow is the day we celebrate St George – the patron saint of English. St George was a Roman soldier who became a Christian. When the authorities found out, George refused to renounce his Christianity and thus the Romans did what they did best and killed him. They were pretty quick in killing people that didn’t honour the gods they believed in, (the same thing happen to Alban – the Saint that the city Atlas is based in is named after) but I would have loved to have had the chance to argue with them that one God is more than enough! If you’ve been reading this blog series, you’ll know by now that I went to Catholic school all my young life, and dealing with nuns on a day to day basis is no walk in the park!


So contrary to the legend, he apparently didn’t kill a dragon to save a princess, I am afraid he was killed because he was a Christian.


I must admit I am a slightly glad the dragon killing story is only a legend as I am rather fond of dragons. I grew up with a cartoon called Grisu, a small dragon that dreamt of becoming a fireman but unfortunately his fire breathing was an obstacle to landing his dream job.


Saint George’s Day also marks the beginning of asparagus season. Personally I feel that this would be a better reason to celebrate tomorrow! I love any celebration of food because you always have a focus on eating!


In Italy because of our obsession with eating, we have “Sagre” (food festivals). They are held all over the country and every little town celebrates the produce of the local area. I have been to a few – truffles, artichokes, mushrooms, different cheeses, and of course a wine one (though I don’t remember much of that).


Just keep in mind that we are celebrating St George’s technically because the Romans didn’t take no very well for an answer, so again you have the Italians to thank for your celebration! I’m only joking of course. Besides, I think the Romans may have had a little too much wine at one of the many wine festivals in Italy – when you do this you are bound to make bad decisions you live to regret the next morning!


I am impressed by the size of the Empire the Romans managed to build, but I think the wine intake at that stage was under control, and the minute they lost it all was when their drinking got out of hand. I am surprised they didn’t create any rehab centres instead of their Roman baths!


Happy St George’s Day for tomorrow everybody!


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