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Euro 2016

I wanted to write a blog about Euro 2016 before it started but being Italian and superstitious I decided to wait until it was over for us, although I do wish that it hadn’t finished so abruptly for us. It is still very painful and I feel emotional just thinking how we left. All because one of our strikers found his true calling that day, and felt that tap dancing was what he always wanted to do. So when we got to penalties, and it was very close between Italy and Germany, he tapped danced  towards the ball (18 steps to be precise ) missed, and Italy went home. Not that I am bitter. I am happy for him that he finally found his vocation. Ok actually I was devastated and actually cried. Over the top some may say, but us Italians are not very good in a lot of things, and football used to be what we excelled at. Now? Well I am not very sure. Maybe translation!


On a positive note, Euro 2016 has been great! Underdogs like Iceland (sorry England) and Wales (sorry England) have made it really far, and everyone was behind them. Unfortunately England didn’t do so well, but the way I see it, it can only get better and the English should be hopeful for the next World Cup. I am hopeful that no wannabe dancers are going to be part of the Italian World Cup squad.


Now all the fans of most teams that are out are left with a bitter taste in their mouth and the ‘what ifs’, while the multimillionaire footballers (including the tap dancers) will be jetting off to super exclusive locations without a care in the world. Instead I think all the fans should be going on a very expensive holiday, paid for by the footballers who failed them.


May the best team win!



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