Stefania Orlotti

Project Manager

Stefania Orlotti

Stefania Orlotti was born and raised in a small village in the south of Italy. She graduated from the University of Naples “L’Orientale”. with a Master’s Degree in Linguistics and Specialised Translation. Naturally, this has proven to be very useful in her chosen career!

In 2012 Stefania embarked on a grand tour of Europe. This put her learning into practice and let her experience a variety of other cultures. Stefania’s language skills were further enhanced during her time away, with constant use of French and English.

Stefania joined Atlas Translations in 2013 on a work placement initially for three months. Because we were so impressed, we extended her stay (twice) having her with us for nine months – and she discovered her love of language was matched by a talent for project management.

During the pandemic, Stefania worked just as hard as ever, and is working on getting her small son to say Thank You more clearly so it doesn’t sound rather rude.

No escape

In 2015 Stefania returned to us, this time as a permanent fixture! She took on the business-critical role of project manager, then senior project manager. If that isn’t enough, Stefania also organises work placement staff, mentoring them throughout their internships. Having coming to us through an internship, Stefania has personal insights in this role. We aren’t letting her escape again. Ever.

Italian hand gestures

Stefania is the patient one – nothing ever seems to flap her! She also looks after the supplier applications – ensuring these are dealt with quickly and efficiently. We are all learning Italian hand gestures, which we understand is about 50% of the Italian language.

She’s a great cook – you’d almost think we employed people by their culinary skills, but this is purely coincidental.

Italian language

Of course Stefania has blogged about the Italian language.

Stefania also helps to manage our Quality Assurance procedures and manuals. She wows our external auditor on an annual basis with her calm and methodical approach. We invest in our processes and procedures to ensure that our projects are streamlined and service is smooth. We hold two ISO certifications. The first is 9001: 2015, and we also hold 17100 – one of the first UK companies to achieve this certification.


You can find Stefania on LinkedIn.

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Thank you for your kindness, help, and prompt efficient service.

Jean Zambrana (feedback for Charlie)

Just wanted to say that it was a pleasure to work with you and hopefully we will liaise again in the future. Top man!

Mirela Watson (feedback for Jim)

Clare’s review of my CV was incredibly helpful, thorough, and added a lot of value to it. She also gave a good look at my LinkedIn profile and website, pointing out their strengths and weaknesses, from the point of view of an experienced professional who runs a successful LSP. And she did all that while raising funds for the Fairlynch Museum! I am very grateful for Clare’s comments and a huge admirer of the work she does helping translators and her community. Thank you, Clare!

Claudia Torres (feedback for Clare – CV Clinic)

I highly recommend Atlas translations. James turned around a complicated set of legal translations quickly and professionally. Excellent service at a reasonable cost.

Chloe Dawes (James)

I highly recommend Atlas Translations. They helped me out with the translation of tax documents. They provide a quick and reliable service. And I would 100 % use them again next time I need a document translated. Special thanks to Stefania who has been of great help.

Chiara (feedback for Steffi)