Service Checklists for Clients

We understand it can be daunting approaching a Language Service Provider for the first time. That's why we've created this set of checklist sheets for you to save time and improve efficiency.

Whether you are planning a translation project, an interpreting assignment, a voiceover session, and so on, it helps to be prepared. This also helps us to give you a quotation. We have included easy to use checklists to help you pull together the information you need to get organised so that we can generate a price for your project.

We are here to help your language assignment run as smoothly as possible, and so we are equally happy to chat through options and provide you with a detailed quotation.

Call us on 01727 812 725 or send us an enquiry to and let us know what you need. We respond quickly to all emails and will let you know how we can help. Alternatively, you can use the little icons here on the website for a live chat (it really is one of us) or request a call back within 27 seconds.

Ensure that language is not a barrier and negotiate confidently in a global market.

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This service involves condensing, summarising and shortening your text to achieve a particular target length, using features such as Track Changes to indicate where the changes have been made.

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They just speak English, right, with a few funny spellings? Well not quite. As a few examples of different uses of terms:

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We offer this service to adapt an American, Canadian or Australian text for the British market.

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We offer this service to adapt an American, Canadian or British English text for the Australian market.

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Different countries and cultures, political leanings and societies will react differently to your branding and marketing messages. Ensure that they make sense, that they are ‘acceptable’ across the local spectrum, and that they will have the right impact with the right audience.

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A business card is a gesture of courtesy. Having the appropriate information in the host language is an effective way of making a statement – that the giver of the card has made an effort to show respect for the language and culture of the host country.

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Clearly express yourself through an interpreter, understand what’s being said, and negotiate confidently throughout the global market.

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Copy-editing or Editing is the process of fine-tuning or revising text to improve readability and ensure it is clear, free-flowing and does not contain mistakes.

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Copywriting is the process of writing persuasive text for promotional material or for marketing and advertising purposes, increasing brand awareness and ultimately persuading a person or group to take a particular action.

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All our court interpreters are highly experienced and skilled in this arena. We understand that at times sensitive information needs to be communicated, and vulnerable individuals may be involved in the process, which is why confidentiality and care are two primary considerations in our policies and processes.

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This service involves reviewing and adapting text, branding, content, services or planned business developments to ensure they are culturally acceptable and will have the desired impact in the required context.

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This service involves checking or validating that text or other content is accurate and ‘true’ before it is published. This might include checking bibliographic references and glossary definitions.

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This service involves creating a comprehensive Glossary to enable readers to understand specialist terminology, thus increasing overall comprehension.

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A well-designed index provides an intuitive map of the text through identifying key themes and ideas, grouping similar concepts, cross-referencing information and using clear formatting.

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As well as increasing font size, this work includes adjusting text layout, colours and fonts so that the text is more accessible to those who are visually impaired.

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If you’re planning to enter a new market, don’t leave your branding and marketing material impact to chance – our Localisation and Transcreation service will make sure that your message ‘translates’.

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We can gather information in order to determine the viability of offering a particular service or product in a particular market.

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Note taking may be required in a range of contexts and scenarios. It is the practice of writing down or otherwise recording key points of information.

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Palantype is a method of machine shorthand used to provide a verbatim (word for word) transcript of meetings.

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If your translation is for internal use only, you may decide that a proofreading stage is not essential. However, we strongly recommend proofreading for all material destined for publication, just as you would expect with any material produced in English.

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SSE interpreters pass messages from British Sign Language users to English speakers and vice versa. SSE is not a language in its own right – it is spoken English supported by signs borrowed from British Sign Language.

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Simultaneous interpreting is used for multilingual meetings and conferences. It requires microphones, headphones and soundproof booths, as well as highly skilled interpreters who work in rotation.

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We are able to hire out studio space, usually for the purposes of – often multilingual – voiceover recording.

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At Atlas Translations we can provide subtitling in over 175 languages and we use only the most experienced, expert translators/subtitling professionals, each one a native speaker.

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We work with media and marketing companies, legal firms and many others to transcribe – or transcribe and translate – police interviews, conference speeches, financial seminars, and much more.

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All our translators are experienced, qualified linguists and they come highly recommended, but that isn’t enough: we always select a translator who is an expert in the specific field.

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Our design and typesetting service blends language skills with precise text formation and layout vision to ensure optimum legibility and make the text more appealing.

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Atlas Translations has a large database of qualified and experienced voice artists specialising in a wide variety of subject matter and offering a range of languages.

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We have been trusted by many global companies to translate their website content, assisting in their mission to appeal to new markets.

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Whispered interpreting involves the interpreter whispering the translation into the listener’s ear, ensuring that language is not a barrier to your understanding, whilst remaining discreet and avoiding interrupting the proceedings.

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Atlas have been translating (policy documents) for us into several languages since 2004. They are friendly and efficient and have always provided accurate and cost-effective translations well within the agreed deadlines.

Oxford Policy Management

The translator did an impeccable job. The translation notes were not only helpful but showed a tremendous dedication to the task and outstanding professionalism all around. A very special thank you to Atlas.

Sistemas Congnitivos (SISCOG)

I was particularly impressed with the speed in which you turned the work around, and the quality of the work was excellent. Many thanks. It was a pleasure working with you.

Snell & Wilcox

Atlas provided another high-quality French translation of one of our policy briefs. They respond quickly to our needs and delivered a document that we were confident to send straight to printing and distribution. We’re happy to include Atlas as one of our trusted partners.

Future Agricultures Consortium

What an excellent and prompt service! Thank you very much for the extremely fast turnaround and efficient service.

Scottish Prison Service

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