Boot Bananas

SECTOR: Clothing
BRIEF: Translation and proofreading

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Translation into six languages boosts export sales

Alex and Phil approached Atlas to translate the packaging and instructions for Boot Bananas for overseas markets. Our first step was to find out more about this amazing product.

Phil was passionate about climbing and led a very active life. But Alex noticed that this brought with it an inescapable problem – their flat was filled with the odour of his stinky shoes. They scoured with market for shoe de-odourizers but found nothing that worked. So they decided to develop their own. From scratch.

Boot Bananas are made from locally sourced, natural ingredients with an innovative design that works a treat – as well as being environmentally friendly. They proved extremely popular and the couple produced 8000 from their flat in the first year. But soon they needed a factory to keep up with demand and they could see Boot Bananas would do well in foreign markets too – so they called in Atlas Translations.

Export-ready translations in double-quick time

“We were delighted with the service offered by the friendly folk at Atlas. Amazed at how fast they were able to turnaround our packaging translation considering how many languages we required.”

We sourced linguists to translate into German, French, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish, as well as providing different translators to proofread the texts.

What had started as a solution to one pair of smelly shoes, had ended with the sweet smell of success. With the export translations from Atlas Translations, Phil and Alex were able to seize their opportunity to become exporters and take Boot Bananas into a string of foreign markets.

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