Translation into…. American? That’s Americanisation! And yes, Anglicisation and Australianisation services are also available

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We offer a full range of global translation services – and that does include Americanisation. They just speak English, right, with a few funny spellings? Well, not quite.

It is worth establishing whether your audience and recipients of your document would prefer British or American terminology, as although many US terms may be understood by a British person and vice versa others may cause confusion and a need for time to be spent on further explanations or clarifications.

Americanisation is the task of adapting a text for the American market, taking into account the difference in style, terminology and vocabulary of the text. Any tables, figures, numbers, names, abbreviations, punctuation, conversions etc. will also be verified.

A few examples of different uses of terms:

bank holiday legal holiday
ordinary/extraordinary general meeting (of shareholders) regular/special shareholders’ meeting
(memorandum and) articles of association (articles of incorporation and) bylaws
profit and loss account income statement
managing director chief executive officer
estate agent realtor
bureau de change currency exchange
property real estate
post code zip code
prison penitentiary
stand (for office) run (for office)
unit trust mutual fund
cheque check
current account checking account
shopping trolley shopping cart
fringe bangs
trousers pants
full stop period


We charge by the hour for Americanisation. Please contact us for a quotation as each project is considered individually. We always confirm all costs in writing.

All of our Americanisation work is completed by qualified, professional and experienced writers. They also specialise in many areas, such as medicine, law or computing, which means that we can match your project with an appropriate, experienced writer.

If any reference material or a glossary of terms is available to help with the consistency of style and vocabulary, this is always appreciated.

We also provide an Anglicisation and Australianisation service. Contact us for more details.

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