Machine Translation

Machine Translation is purely computer generated translation


Add a human to improve and post-edit the text. With good input and project management, you’ll get a better result.

Marketing and advertising content should never be processed through machine translation. It simply won’t provide a good result for creative content. However, discuss your requirements with us here at Atlas Translations, and we can help assess whether machine translation is appropriate for your company’s translation service requirements.

To find out more about how we can help call us on 01727 812 725 or email us at You can also chat with us during UK office hours using Live Chat. It’s a real person, not a machine.

Questions you should ask to help decide on the best translation option for your project:

  • Do you have a lot of historic content in your required languages which are aligned in language/topic/area (this would be upwards of a million words in the source and target language)?
  • Do you have budget restrictions for content you would like to get translated?
  • Is the content for translation, low profile or for internal use only?
  • Would you actually have more content translated if it could be done at a much lower price?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of the questions above, it may be possible to build an efficient machine translation engine from your existing content. However, if you are already receiving huge savings through translation memory software, machine translation might not be be the answer.It may not produce a perfect translation, but with the right content,  training and expectations of quality levels, machine translation can help.


Human Post-Editing of Machine Translations

Our post-editing services are offered at different levels, from quick post-editing to full post-editing.

It is what we call quality on demand, adapted to your needs, budget and the purpose of the texts.

Post-editing includes reviewing and correcting content generated by machine translation to ensure its quality and consistency.