Joanna Maciejewska

Project Manager

Joanna Maciejewska

Joanna Maciejewska is a native of Śrem, Poland, where she lived most of her life until embarking on an Erasmus Programme in Andalusia. This was followed by a few nomadic years living in Spain, Portugal and Estonia. Joanna is now in the UK for the next chapter of her story.

Although she has struggled to pronounce those Rs in French, thanks to living in Spain for some time, she can get by quite well in Spanish. Working with languages has always been Joanna’s dream. She has a BA in English Studies and MA in Business Innovation. And so it was only natural for her to apply for a Project Coordinator role at Atlas.

Having worked in a few backpacker hostels in her university days, Joanna savours the enriching experience of being in a multinational environment. Despite her passion for travel, she is quite a homebody and enjoys peaceful evenings with a book. She also likes sketching, drawing, and making cards, so she is determined to put her most recent Christmas gift (a set of 60 colour pencils) to good use.

While a fan of hot chocolate and good coffee, Joanna Maciejewska realises that in no time she will be a professional tea drinker, given she is now working in the UK. How does that saying go? ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do!’

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Jean Zambrana (feedback for Charlie)

Just wanted to say that it was a pleasure to work with you and hopefully we will liaise again in the future. Top man!

Mirela Watson (feedback for Jim)

Clare’s review of my CV was incredibly helpful, thorough, and added a lot of value to it. She also gave a good look at my LinkedIn profile and website, pointing out their strengths and weaknesses, from the point of view of an experienced professional who runs a successful LSP. And she did all that while raising funds for the Fairlynch Museum! I am very grateful for Clare’s comments and a huge admirer of the work she does helping translators and her community. Thank you, Clare!

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I highly recommend Atlas translations. James turned around a complicated set of legal translations quickly and professionally. Excellent service at a reasonable cost.

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I highly recommend Atlas Translations. They helped me out with the translation of tax documents. They provide a quick and reliable service. And I would 100 % use them again next time I need a document translated. Special thanks to Stefania who has been of great help.

Chiara (feedback for Steffi)