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Looking for a career using your languages?

Looking for a career using your languages? If you are an experienced linguist looking to work with a translation agency offering a variety of interesting assignments, read on. Translators, interpreters and more. We can also help with work placements, although we have paused the programme to rework it post-COVID-19.

If you are looking for some help with your CV and application process overall, have a CV Clinic with our director Clare Suttie, for a charitable donation. Contact Clare for more details.

Freelance translators and interpreters looking to work with Atlas Translations

Atlas Translations is always looking for those with the right skills to join our friendly team. Our standards are high and you need to go through our application process for translators, interpreters, proof-readers, voice-overs and linguists. Note that we will need to contact references to independently vouch for your work.

We are experiencing a high level of applications as at July 2021 and you need to contact us BEFORE you spend your time filling in the application form, so that we can discuss your languages, subject areas and rates and give you an honest appraisal regarding the chances of working together. We will also give you a password to access the application form. 

You can contact us during UK office hours using the Live Chat button, where one of our staff will be able to help. Or give us a call, or send an email.  We welcome personal approaches, we are not so keen on standard mass emails, or being cced with 100 other translation agencies!

We have been leading the way in language services since 1991 with our mix of services and clients. Atlas Translations also offer supporting services such as localisation, proofreading, design and typesetting work, voice-over, and transcreation.

Why work with us? Well, we treat our suppliers well, paying bills promptly and always dealing with queries quickly. Throughout the COVID crisis we have been paying supplier invoices within 2 to 10 days of receipt. Currently we are averaging less than 7 days; payments are now made at least twice weekly rather than monthly.

Once “this” is all over, you’re welcome to come along to one of our open days for translators and suppliers, even if you just want to chat about starting your career using your languages. These are usually held in June and December, so give us a shout if you’d like to go on the guest list (all our events are free to attend and are held in St Albans).

What do you need?

If you would like to apply, you will need to have at least one of the following:

  1. A recognised qualification in advanced translation studies and at least two years’ documented relevant experience.
  2. An equivalent qualification and at least three years’ documented relevant experience.
  3. Five years or more of documented relevant professional experience.

What next?

You’d like to work with us? Have you chatted with us? Got the password? Great,  please click the button below. This takes you to a form to complete as accurately and fully as possible, including referees, CV and rates. We recommend you allow at least 15 minutes to complete the form.


Kind words from some of our placements

– Kate, from the UK

I had a fantastic time working for Atlas. For me, I loved being part of such a strong team and really appreciated the level of responsibility handed to me. Furthermore, I particularly enjoyed the translating, proofreading and amending tasks I was asked to do; I also really liked dealing with clients. I got so much out of the placement, and was especially happy to be promoted to team leader. If you are looking for a career using your languages, Atlas can help you with their placement programme.
Kate completed a placement in 2006, and now works for Atlas Translations as a freelance translator.

– Marta, from Spain

One of the things that made the placement such a worthwhile experience was the wide range of practical things I learned. Things that you don’t really learn at university. The majority of my placement was basic project management, plus some administrative and other ad hoc duties. Additionally, I was responsible for the translation of part of the company website from English into Spanish, the co-ordination of company courses and organisation of the Atlas Open Day for linguists. I further represented the company at three different language events. I learned from every single experience.
– Marta, from Spain | worked with Atlas Translations on a placement and on temporary projects.

– Ilenia from Italy

My experience at Atlas was without any doubt interesting and very worthwhile. Working with the Atlas team was a great experience as they made me feel comfortable from the very first day. They carefully explained to me all the tasks I had to carry out and helped me through them. The placement involved a range of various tasks, from dealing with invoices and administrative work to checking translations carried out by professional translators, and checking certified translations. I really enjoyed dealing with private clients and professional translators and interpreters.

The three months at Atlas provided me with a better idea of how the translation industry works, and an opportunity not only to develop my professional skills but also to gain the confidence required to start my career in the translation industry.
worked with Atlas Translations on a three month placement; Ilenia regularly works as a freelance translator with Atlas Translations, translating into Italian.

– Isabel

Doing an internship at Atlas Translations was an amazing professional experience for me because I learnt how a translation company works and now I have the skills to work as a project manager. Now I feel I’m ready to work as a professional in the translation industry and I believe this wouldn’t have been possible without taking the internship at Atlas. My colleagues were all very hard-working and really friendly, so a pleasure to work with. I strongly recommend getting a placement at this company to any translation students or recent translation graduates who want to start building their career – they won’t regret being an Atlas member.
Six month work placement.

– Natalie

I really enjoyed my placement at Atlas. There is always something to do, which is a good thing, and I have learnt a lot about the translation world – even really simple things such as finding out how you charge clients and how linguists charge us has been really interesting. The thing that surprised me most was how quickly translators are required to work to meet deadlines. I also really enjoyed placing translations, especially for unusual projects. I have definitely learnt a lot and have realised that it is a good idea to learn more about the industry before trying to set yourself up as a freelance translator. It has been really worthwhile in that sense. It has helped me to decide what I want to do in the future and also provided me with an insight into the industry and the work of a project manager – so thank you! Three month work placement.