BRIEF: Translation and Proofreading from English into 28 languages


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The BookTrust – a UK charity that works to inspire a love of reading in children and their families – came to us because they wanted to spread their message to non-English speaking families across the UK. They chose Atlas to help reach this audience in 28 languages.

Atlas Translations works in 340 languages and for every assignment we select professional linguists to translate into their native language – this way, the tone, inference and expression can be conveyed seamlessly, ensuring a high-quality result.

It was exactly what BookTrust was looking for; precise yet beautiful translation to encourage a love of reading in non-English speaking families.

At Atlas we go through four stages of checks and edits to ensure the finished article achieves the quality our clients expect.

First, we select a linguist well suited to the project. All our translators are experienced and qualified but that isn’t enough: we always choose a translator who is expert in the specific field. Once the translation is complete (or in this case a series of translations into 28 languages) we ask another equally qualified linguist with experience in the same field to proofread the first translator’s work.

Our proofreader may make suggestions or identify areas for improvement, which will be addressed in stage three. The text may already be perfect, but it’s always better to have a second pair of eyes to check it.

Once we receive the final draft, we carry out our own in-house quality check to ensure the translation and typesetting meet our high standards before sending the final version to the client.

At Atlas Translations, language is our passion. We pride ourselves on offering a thorough, transparent approach that delivers an exceptionally high standard of work.

BookTrust website – check out the fantastic work they do.

Working with Atlas Translations was a dream. In the past I have struggled to find a reliable company to provide translations for our bilingual resources… Atlas completed the work within our time frame and the proofreading service gave us extra peace of mind that the translations were accurate and of quality…. With Atlas, we can rest assured language, tone and style of translation is suitable for our audience.