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We know that first impressions count.

Atlas Translations have provided a variety of services for Alzheimer’s Society, including the translation of our flagship information resource ‘Worried about your memory?’ into a variety of different languages. The service we have received is consistently to high standard, with staff going beyond the call of duty to fulfil our requirements. I will definitely be using this translation agency again, and would recommend them to anyone looking for top quality translation services.

You have been such a help and we can’t thank you enough. We’re getting an amazing response. It is quite a challenge, but we wouldn’t be making our deadlines without your translation agency’s assistance. Many many thanks.


Atlas completed the work within our time frame and the proofreading service gave us the extra peace of mind that the translations were accurate and of quality.

It’s tough when you have to rely on a translation agency and trust that the translations are correct but with Atlas, we can rest assured that the language, tone, and style of translation is suitable for our audiences.


We are always very impressed with the quality and timeliness of the translation services provided by Atlas translation agency. The team are extremely helpful and we look forward to working together more in the future.

Tottenham Hotspur

Atlas provided us with a high quality, professional, courteous and competitively priced service, with a minimum of fuss. I was pleased with the translation agency’s communications and would not hesitate to use them again in the future.

NHS Confederation

Looking for global translation services? Transcreation and brand checking are part of any international marketing strategy. Planning to enter a new market? Don’t leave your branding and marketing material impact to chance. Use a professional translation and transcreation service to make sure that your message genuinely ‘translates’.

We offer a range of transcreation services to help, including the following:

  • Full brand and sales/marketing message new market audit
  • Protect your reputation by cross-checking colloquial, cultural or comprehension issues
  • Adapt your ‘language’ to make the best first impression
  • Global translation services

To find out more about transcreation call us on 01727 812 725 or email us at team@atlas-translations.co.uk. You can also chat with us during UK office hours using Live Chat, the little box on the right. It’s a real person.

You can also request a quote by filling in a couple of details here.

Different countries and cultures, political leanings and societies will react differently to your branding and marketing messages. Ensure that they make sense, that they are ‘acceptable’ across the local spectrum, and that they will have the right impact with the right audience.

Colours and numbers can have negative associations in some countries. In the UK some hotels don’t have room number 13 as this is considered an unlucky number. Whereas in China, 4 is considered the worst number. Even photographs need careful consideration depending on your target market.

Just the name of your product could have a negative, rude or just plain funny meaning in another language. This can affect sales of cars, fridges, beer; so any product name needs to be carefully considered.

Our global translation services ensure that a force of local linguists are ideally positioned to research any sector and any market, they can report on their findings and recommendations and make any necessary adaptations to your corporate material and content.

Read more about our specialist sectors.

Read more about our own ISO accreditation and Quality Assurance here.

We have recently starting using TrustPilot and you can see our reviews to date here.

Client stories | Holy Lama Naturals

Atlas was commissioned to provide the work Holy Lama needed in order for them to launch their body care range in Germany. This was through bespoke, high quality, human translations for packaging. However, as Gouri Koubair, Director of Holy Lama explained, trying to reach out to a foreign economy with no knowledge of the language was only possible through specialist support and guidance.

In order for us to be successful in Germany, all the products in our UK Amazon shop needed to be translated, but we didn’t want to use Amazon’s automated packaging translations. It didn’t feel right for us – a specialist business, to be relying on a computer system for translations. I was concerned that the integrity of the products and our ingredients would be compromised if we chose this approach. Atlas delivered everything we wanted and more. I loved their commitment and quality. Our translations were done in-house, proof read and project managed by the same team throughout the whole process. Their level of service was remarkable; I could call or email anyone at any time and they would have a solution for me. The end product was faultless, I had high expectations and they completely surpassed them.

Here at Atlas, we had the task of not only translating the extensive and elaborate ingredients list and product descriptions from English to German. We also had to ensure that every ingredient translated complied with EU Regulations Law by using INCI names (International Nomenclature for Cosmetic Ingredients). This was a mandatory requirement for the purpose of consumer safety.

Our Project Manager at the time, Nina was perfectly placed in working on this as she was from Germany and understood the market as a consumer. She was, in essence, the target market. Nina explained that Germany had a very different consumer philosophy and the shopping/purchasing process than here in the UK:

A rather different approach is needed when appealing to the German market…. We don’t use as many adjectives to describe products; Germans aren’t too keen on being bombarded with extensive descriptions when buying – we find it slightly overwhelming.

Main Challenge

Nina found her main challenge was to translate the products in a ‘relatively simple manner’ to fully appeal to the German market, but to not undermine the elaborate and extensive process it takes to create a Holy Lama product:

This was the irony of the project. German consumers are very efficient in the way they shop. They make decisions quickly with limited facts and details. English consumers want the who, what, where, why – they like to know the history behind the product before making a decision. The story behind Holy Lama is of course the very reason to buy their products. This was their all women enterprise in Kerala and sustainable manufacturing process. There was a balance to be struck of preserving the integrity of the Holy Lama brand and process, whilst introducing the products to a more ‘simplistic’ economy.

Call us on 01727 812 725 to let us know what you need and we can help. Send us an email to team@atlas-translations.co.uk. We respond quickly to all enquiries. Or use the little icons here on the website for live chat (it really is one of us) or to request a call back within 27 seconds.

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