Translation Memory

Depending on the suitability of the material, we can use translation memory software.


This allows our human translators to create a linguistic database during the process of translation.  So, if the same or similar source text is encountered in the future, our translators have previously translated phrases at their fingertips.  This ensures consistency in the use of terms, increased productivity and cost savings.

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Using translation memory software is particularly effective for:

  • Large multilingual projects when a team of translators will be involved
  • Websites that need to be regularly updated
  • Monthly journals, corporate advertising literature, technical manuals etc.

In other words, whenever there is a large volume of words, the potential for repeated terms or technical phrases, and where there is the risk of inconsistencies.  Using translation memory software results in tangible qualitative and financial benefits, including:

  • Increased productivity from the translators, and therefore faster turnaround
  • Consistency in language and terminology
  • Avoiding paying again and again for the translation of repeated text.

We do not suggest that translation memory is an infallible method for every project.  It must be accepted that translation memory software will not do a grammatical analysis, and sometimes the “matches” that it produces do not work in the context of the document. Occasionally, when a word means more than one thing in a language, the translation memory may choose the wrong option.  Translation memory software and machine translation do not, and can not, replace the role and skills of a fully qualified, live translator.  Under the guidance of one of our experienced project managers, however, the translator and software can work together as a very effective team delivering high quality, consistent results, quickly.

We can work with a variety of programs and platforms, so give us a call for more details.