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Translation Agency Tips for clients needing translation and language services

Translation Agency Tips

Translation Agency Tips for clients needing translation and language services.

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Answering the 28 questions we are most often asked!

1. Twelve steps for translation to make a difference to your business
2. Translation myths debunked
3. How translation can help grow your business
4. What qualifications should I look for – is my translator suitably qualified?
5. Translating in Word format
6. Researching and dealing with queries
7. You have a translation job – what do you need to send your translator?
8. Translating in Excel
9. What about proofreading and other services?
10. Computer assisted translation (CAT) tools
11. What is professional indemnity insurance (PII) and is it important?
12. Typesetting FAQ
12. What software should a translator use?
13. Can I book an onsite translator to come and work with me?
14. Translating PDFs
15. What information does my interpreter need?
16. Translating in PowerPoint
17. Why should translations always be proofread by a second translator?
18. Formatting translations
19. How do I brief a transcriber for my translation project?
20. How do I get the best out of my interpreter?
21. Are marketing translations different? What is transcreation?
22. Why is my translator asking for reference material?
23. What do I do when my translation project is under way?
24. Providing feedback on a translation
25. Translating subtitles
26. Americanisation FAQ
27. How can I trust my translator?
28. Can I split my large translation project?

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