Project Management to audited ISO standards

Atlas Translations is proud to hold current BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 17100:2015 certification for translation services.


We had an external audit in June 2017 and zero non-conformities. These certifications serve as a measurement of our commitment to quality, service and customer care. Atlas Translations is proud to hold current BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 17100:2015 standard for translation services.

Any questions regarding these certifications? Just email,  phone on 01727 812 725 or for an instant response in UK business hours, use the Chat box to ask our team any questions. We would love to help.

Delivering consistently high quality is a priority for us and our in-house quality control procedure has always been extremely rigorous. A Quality Assurance Manual is used as a means to retain consistency of the methodology, procedure and standards and is used by all our project managers. This manual is updated regularly.

We recruit the best suppliers and will only work with other suppliers who can prove their competency in the service they provide.  The criteria are strict, and designed only to include those who have the qualifications and experience to undertake the work to the standard Atlas demands.

All suppliers employed by Atlas are fully qualified and experienced. A project manager will select a supplier who has knowledge and experience appropriate for each individual project.

For any work to be published, we strongly recommend a proofreading stage by a second qualified and experienced linguist. A trained project manager will also check the work thoroughly before it is considered complete and ready to be delivered to the client.

Upon completion, a copy of the project work is kept in the Atlas electronic archives for six years.

All the above procedures ensure the highest possible standard of work and project management. Our success is shown through the large number of major organisations we work with and entrust us with their language projects year after year.

We can provide details of other procedures upon request.

Our Code of Professional Conduct

  • Atlas Translations Ltd shall not derive any gain from confidential information acquired in the course of any work undertaken.
  • Atlas Translations Ltd shall treat any information it gains in the course of its work as a professional secret, and it will not be disclosed to any third party without written authorisation from the client.
  • Atlas Translations Ltd shall only accept work involving languages and subjects it is competent to undertake.  If the language and/or subject matter are so specialised or unusual that fully qualified suppliers do not exist, Atlas Translations Ltd may have access to other suppliers who can help.  In this instance, Atlas undertakes to inform the client so that the client is fully aware of the risks entailed.

Each client is assigned a project manager who will be the main point of contact. Before starting any project, your project manager will provide a detailed quotation, outlining all charges in a clear and unambiguous way, and confirming delivery date(s) and format. You can supply the project manager with any background information and previous work and/or glossaries to ensure that any standard approved terms are used.

We assign dedicated project managers to a particular client to ensure continuity and consistency in the service we provide. The priority for our project managers is to ensure that every project runs smoothly, giving an efficient service and an accurate end result – within the agreed deadline. Our project managers have a linguistic background – many of them speak several languages and all have a keen and active interest in language.

In the unlikely event of technical problems when delivering work, we will always endeavour to complete work to the highest possible standard by whichever means agreed after consultation with the client, at no extra cost. Our priority is to deliver the completed work on time, as agreed.

Our project management checklist for all written work will include for instance:

  • Ensuring work received on time
  • Checked punctuation
  • Check layout (text next to images, text in tables);
  • Check formatting (bold, underline, italics);
  • Check format version
  • Naming of file
  • All proofreaders reports received and checked
  • Any queries resolved
  • Queries for client clearly noted
  • Sent back to client on time
  • Signed off and sent for invoicing