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Notarisation and Certified Translations - the finer details

Do you need help with certifying, notarising, or legalised translation? We can help!

Do you need our certified, notarised, or legalised translation services? Call us on 01727 812 725 to let us know what you need, and we can help.

True and Accurate Certified Translation

We will provide you with a signed and stamped letter, on our headed paper, certifying that Atlas Translations professionally translated your document(s). Click here to see an exemplar certifying letter. We are an accredited and award-winning member of both the Institute of Translation and Interpreting and the Association of Translation Companies.

Drop us an email with your enquiry (team@atlas-translations.co.uk), or even a photo of the document you need translated, and we’ll respond quickly. We can advise you on whatever else you may need with regards to supporting documentation. You can also make an appointment to drop documents at our offices.

Need to certify a translation? You’re in safe hands with Atlas

We offer a fast, confidential and professional translation service for your birth certificates, marriage certificates and any documents needing an official translation service. Speak to one of the team on our livechat (it really is one of us!).

If you need your diploma, CV, qualifications, or any kind of certificate translated by a recognised professional organisation who can also certify their translation, please do get in touch. Every day our certified translation services supply translations which go off to the Home Office, Passport Office, Immigration Services, and Courts. For a fast estimation of costs, head to our price calculator or request a quote.

Three Certification Packages

We offer:

  • A certified translation, which is signed and stamped by Atlas Translations
  • A notarised translation (or “legal” translation), which is signed and stamped by a public notary
  • A legalised or apostilled translation, which is stamped by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Click here for further details and prices of our three certified translation packages.

All translators have a post-graduate translation qualification (or an equivalent qualification) plus a minimum of two years’ practical experience. They will usually be based in the UK, for legal reasons and because it’s quicker. As with any important document, we ensure the text is proofread and approved by you, as notarised copies cannot be changed later on without incurring additional costs. We will book the appointment with the notary, and will do so well in advance.

Please note that we must certify a translation before having it notarised. Similarly, a legalised or apostilled translation must first have been certified and notarised. Request a call back  within 27 seconds, if you’d like to discuss your project with one of the team.

Notarised Translation: What is notarisation?

After we certify a translation, Notarisation is the act of legalising the translation. A public notary carries out this process – a solicitor authorised to offer this service.

Legalised Translation Services: What is apostilling?

Apostilling is done by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. This certifies the notary oath.

Legalisation/Apostille: After the notarised documents have been received, these need to be sent to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Should you wish to have your translation legalised / apostilled, we need to allow extra time as the Foreign and Commonwealth Office is in Milton Keynes, UK. If you need a document very quickly, an express service is available. Call us on 01727 812 725 to let us know what you need, and we can help.

What sort of important documents would these services apply to?

Birth certificates, death certificates, diplomas, degrees and important company documents e.g. memorandum and articles of association, minutes etc. In these cases the client will need to check with the appropriate authority whether notarised translation and/or apostilling will be needed or whether a certifying letter will suffice. Click here to see an exemplar certifying letter.

In most cases, our letter of certification will suffice, however, we strongly recommend that you check with the authority to whom you are presenting the documents, such as a Consulate, exactly which level of service is required before you proceed with the translation.

Click here to be taken to the UK government website, for more information on translations for UK passport applications.

If we are only certifying the translation of your documents, usually it is sufficient to email a scanned copy. However if we need to apostille or legalise the translations, we may need the original hard copies. If you would like to visit our St Albans office, please arrange an appointment in advance to ensure someone is available to see you.

Transliteration of names

Please note that we can only transliterate proper nouns, such as people and place names, to match the original document you give us. For example, if there is a spelling error in your birth certificate, then we are obliged to reproduce this in order to validate our translation.

If your document is in a non-Roman alphabet, (e.g. Hebrew, Arabic, Greek, Farsi, Russian, etc.), it helps to supply personal/place names mentioned in the document to ensure consistent spelling when transliterated into English. Similarly, if there are any handwritten or unclear sections, we appreciate your help to decipher. This is to ensure we produce the best results for you. Read more about our commitment to quality.

Practicalities: How it all works

How do we return your document? We can keep it for collection, or post, fax or email it to you. Please note we are generally open to visitors Monday to Friday 09.00-17.00, and we kindly ask you to make an appointment with us prior to delivering or collecting documents.

By your side for the ups and downs

Translation covers all parts of life and work, and sometimes that means sad circumstances requiring our expertise. If a loved one dies overseas, this can mean paperwork, procedures, phone calls and stress to get them home. We can help certify a translation, which we can notarise if needed.

“In very tragic circumstances, Atlas Translations provided an invaluable service in translating important medical documents with incredible speed and efficiency. As to the human side, they were calm and kindness personified, I cannot thank them enough.”

On happier notes, we have also helped translate documents in preparation for weddings both in the UK and overseas, and for the adoption of children.

Our favourite assignments are helping the course of true love whether it’s helping sort out visas and official documents, or translating romantic letters. We’ve helped a groom impress his new Polish father-in-law having been coached by us to include a section of Polish in his wedding day speech. And we’ve provided interpreters at many a wedding, who remain professional at all times, even if they have to quickly wipe a tear from their eyes!

Get in touch today

If you require any certified, notarised, or legalised translation services for any official certificates, please contact us by email (team@atlas-translations.co.uk), or call us on 01727 812 725. We respond quickly to all email enquiries.

Showing outstanding commitment to the small details which we know count, Atlas prides itself on providing fast, friendly and high-quality language services. But don’t just take our word for it. See what our clients are saying about us.

A friendly, personal company with good humour and excellent relations – always ready to listen and adapt.

Caroline Ogden

I really appreciate everything you have done. It probably seems a very straight forward translation document to you in your everyday work but I didn’t really know where to turn or who to speak to get this completed. I can’t thank you enough for making everything so simple and straight forward. Another thing I don’t have to worry about. Thank you so very much.

Paul Jeffs

Very swift professional service. The company kept me updated throughout. Would recommend them to anyone seeking translation of foreign documents.

David Copsas

Atlas translations were really helpful with my translation project. When looking for a translation agency they immediately stood out with the personal service they offered. I would recommend this translation company and would work with them again.


The documents look absolutely amazing. I will wow the Home Office with these as they love official stamps!


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