Notarisation and certified translations

Birth certificates, death certificates, diplomas, degrees and important company documents.


What is notarisation?

Notarisation is the act of certifying/legalising a translation. A public notary carries out this process – a solicitor authorised to offer this service.

What is apostilling?

Apostilling is done by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. This certifies the notary oath.

What sort of important documents would these services apply to?

Birth certificates, death certificates, diplomas, degrees and important company documents e.g. memorandum and articles of association, minutes etc. In these cases the client will need to check with the appropriate authority whether notarisation and apostilling will be needed or whether a certifying letter will suffice.

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Translation and proofreading: The translator used will have either a post-graduate translation qualification or at least five years’ experience.

They will usually be based in the UK, for legal reasons and because it’s quicker. As with any important document, we recommend proofreading for the text as it will be a notarised copy and cannot be changed later on without incurring new notarisation costs.

Notary: We will book the appointment with the notary, and will do so well in advance.

Legalisation/Apostille: After the notarised documents have been received, these need to be sent to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. You will need to allow time for processing and postage.

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